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  1. Hi everyone. I started this program and was to be on week 3 this week but had a very hard time getting through week 2 running so I'm doing it again. It was tough but I made it through. I have 30 extra pounds on me which doesn't help. However, I'd like to hear from others who couldn't do much of anything and made it to running miles! I can't see how it's possible but I'm sticking with it. Thanks a bunch! Dana
  2. Hello I'm Dana. Was about to start the week 3 of C25k but had to repeat week two as I barely made it through the running portions that week. The cool news is I almost made it through every running session so I decided to be excited about that and not disappointed I couldn't do week 3. I'd really like to hear from people who weren't in awesome shape that made it to running a 5k. I can't imagine running that long cardiovascularly as well as the leg exhaustion! Looking forward to learning more. Dana
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