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  1. Hi Blayne, it's ok to repeat. Doesn't do any harm to our bodies and if it means we are better prepared for the next day/week then it's all good
  2. Hi blayne, sorry for the late reply. I actually struggled more with week 9- week 10 day 1 felt better for me, probably various factors. I preferred having 3 reps instead of 4 despite being longer runs. Feels like your getting through it quicker! What always works for me is constantly changing my running route too as well as thinking 'I'll just start running and see what happens' just to get me started lol. Just go for it (if you haven't already), if I can do it not running so regularly then anyone can!
  3. Sounds good to me! Thanks torus
  4. Hi all, I've been a forum lurker for a few months now but thought I would say hello. I completed the 5k app a few weeks ago followed by a couple of park runs (am in the UK). Thought I'd download the 10k app just for giggles but shortly after completing week 9 I lost all motivation- this happens to me now and again, I fall in and out of love with running! So tonight after 2.5 weeks break with one 15 minute run on Good Friday I completed W10 D1 and feel pretty good if not a little sore. I would love to maintain running as a regular hobby and even pick my speed up a little. Hoping to continue to use forums as a source of useful information, tips and motivation!
  5. Hi both joining this thread a bit late but here's another Essex girl seeking some moral support!
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