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  1. If u can afford it, it runs about $350 a month.
  2. Nutrisystem works and is easy. They send all the food in the mail. I lost 70 pounds so far in seven months. Been cheating on it for awhile though. Gotta have that self control!
  3. Ran 3 miles without walking for first time.
  4. 5K race in 46 minutes. A personal best for me.
  5. My dad had six bypasses and I dont want that to happen to me. Plus to run in 5Ks and I enjoy it.
  6. Did 3 miles using 6:1 run walk intervals. 5K on Saturday.
  7. Well i stopped running for a couple weeks. Just haven't wanted to. I hope to get back into it tomorrow. I like looking forward fo the walking breaks. Haha
  8. blayne


    You have to login using fb. Then at the end of your run there is a place to click on fb.
  9. W9D1 again. Finally finished it. Easy this time. Fun when easy lol
  10. Man ive been up since 2am thinkin about runnin.
  11. You will get over it. I go through a slump every once in awhile. It will get better.
  12. Yep, you are ahead of those people on the couch, run4life. Keep it up.
  13. Lets do this! Have you started yet?
  14. Nice torus. Well today I did W8D3 without any problems. I will call that a long distance run for me. I was just being a wimp before. haha I will try the 10K app again soon.
  15. These longer runs are too much for me. I need my walk breaks to look forward to. I hate running! I did 5K by running 2 min walking 1 min. It was a good workout. Im just doing this for my health.
  16. Bad dogs! Keep up the good work
  17. Cool stella. I had a W9D3 fail. That last 10 minute run killed me.
  18. For the first time Im going to have to repeat.
  19. Had a W9D3 fail today. I stopped with 3.5 minutes left. Really struggled with it today. Doesnt make sense because I have done it twice before. Maybe the 10k app is too much for me.
  20. Hey good job Rob. I hope I can do that in the future.
  21. Pushing ahead sounds good if you really want to. You can do it!
  22. Brooookie good luck. Motivation has been a problem for me especially when ypu get to the longer runs. Just remember running is fun!
  23. Sounds like youre on the right track Eluminadia. Keep going!
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