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  1. W2D2. Had sausage and cheese omelet and home fries after. So negated my workout lol might. Skip a day to W3
  2. W2D2. Had sausage and cheese omelet and home fries after. So negated my workout lol might. Skip a day to W3
  3. blayne

    back at it

    Thanks torus! I missed you too! Well Ive gone two days in a row. Skipped to W2D1 and got winded. Will stay here now. Going again tomorrow. Got my dad and son going with me and they want to go every day.
  4. blayne

    back at it

    Quit running for awhile. Back at it at W1D1. Boy i can feel it in my calves! Good to be back.
  5. Holter monitor came out normal. Have a stress test on Thursday. Hopefully I'm fine. Takin it easy I sarted over at W1D1 and had no problems today.
  6. Yeah holter. I hope its ok. I hear friday. Then I hope to be running again.
  7. I know how you feel. ☺ i was running a 5k and had to stop and walk because of heart palpitations. Good luck with your next 5K!
  8. Yay jigi! Happy to hear that. I feel the same way. Now Im waiting to hear back from my doctor before i run.
  9. You can do it Val! Gotta push yourself. Sometimes it really is no pain no gain.
  10. Yeah i had the same problem. it just gets harder when u start doing the longer runs with no walk breaks. It will get easier.
  11. Went running with holter monitor to check my heart palpitations. No real problems this time but knee is hurting. Did W8D3. Feel great.
  12. Bah! I dont want to go today. Should do W9D3 or just try and run 5K.
  13. Hey 14.5 is about my speed. Im 230. You could enter a race. That will speed u up. It did me.
  14. Falling in love with running again. Was having major heart palpitations and thought i would have to stop. Quit the drug vivanse and they went away so im happy. Was on that for binge eating disorder. Haha. W9D3 in two days!
  15. Finally finding week 9 easy. Ready for week 10 now. Failed last time. That sucked.
  16. Oh i go at 7.5 kph. I was thinking mph. Haha 4 kph is pretty darn slow.
  17. Wow u are going pretty fast! I only run around 4Kph.
  18. Woke up and thought about quitting running altogether today. Thought about how much fun it was just to get out there and bounce around. Did W9D2. It was alot easier than day 1 so feels good to make some progress. cant wait for next run.
  19. I would continue with week 1 until it gets easy.
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