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  1. I got the shoes when I started the C25k, so since January (I took a week off here and there because I got sick). I backed down to 2 10 minute runs and that went okay, but I haven't yet gone back to where I was 25 or even 22 minute runs. I skipped yesterday's run and I'm going to try a 15 minute run tomorrow and see how that goes.
  2. I'm struggling with week 8 of the C25k. I managed week 7 okay and finished all the rights, albeit slowly, but I've tried twice now to start week 8 and have been foiled by shin splints and Achilles tendon issues which I had hoped were taken care of. The 5k I hope to run is a month from today and I'm concerned I won't make it if I get stuck now. Suggestions?
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