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  1. This week, I ran Monday, Tuesday, and today. I ran Tuesday instead of Wednesday, because Wednesday was supposed to be really windy. And it was. Since I also run on Saturdays, I'm going to start week 4 again tomorrow. Next week, I will only be running on Monday and Wednesday, because I'm going out of town that weekend. My plan is, on April 22nd, to start week 5. That actually kind of makes me laugh, because the 5K is on the 27th and there's no way in h#ll that I would have been able to finish the c25k program in the amount of weeks it says we have. I mean I'm not even halfway through it and I have been running a lot longer than the weeks it gives us to train. CleBkPkr, I'm glad I'm not alone in the fact that I run a lot better after 20 or 30 minutes. I really think that a half kilometer or 10 minute warm up is the thing to do to run longer each time we run. My pride wants me to run as soon as the lady on the app says to run, so what I did today, was not press start on the c25k app until I had walked for about one minute. I will probably wait longer next time.
  2. Okay, right after I read your messages, I decided to reinstall Cronometer to my phone, and log the coffee and creamer I had today. It's always a pain in the butt to me to record everything I eat, but I think you have a good point that I should be paying attention to how much protein I'm eating. It's possible I haven't been having enough.
  3. I ran today even though I ran yesterday, because there's supposed to be so much wind here tomorrow that there isn't even one hour that is runnable (is that even a word?). One thing I've noticed in my last few runs is that I usually have more energy to run towards the end. Usually when the lady's voice is telling me it's time to cool down. Another thing I noticed today was that when I run, the toes on my right foot are often pointed slightly out. So today I made a point of remembering, as often as I could, to keep that foot pointed straight. Not only did that seem to help me run more, when I walked up the stairs to my place afterwards, my right knee hurt a whole lot less than it usually does going up the stairs. (It never hurts on the run.) So, when the lady's voice said, "Begin your cool down," I was on a stretch that was slightly downhill and I decided to run. I ran for the whole cool down and some extra. I am estimating I ran close to 6 minutes. That's a record for me. I think the difference was that I walked for close to half a kilometer before I started running, kept running after the official running time was over, that I had been pointing my foot straight, and that I was on a very slight downhill the last few km. A lot of my run is uphill. Not as much as it used to be, because I've changed my route, but enough to make me tired after 30 or 40 seconds of running. My total distance was 5 km. I've decided to run that every time I run so that I can do the Nike challenge of 15 km per week (except next week, because I'll be out of town for the weekend, beginning Friday). That way, if I run 3 days instead of 4, I will still meet the challenge. Well, this post is already really long, so I'll stop. I do hope that my monologue on my running journey does help encourage others who may be stuck.
  4. That's a good idea to keep track of what I'm eating. Then I will have a good idea what nutrients I might be lacking and if I'm even eating enough.
  5. Hope you're still with me. I hope we're still running together. You and me and ninjajedi and the others.
  6. I can't believe it has been almost a week since I visited these forums. I could have sworn it was only 3 days. My times of actual running don't seem to have improved much. I am thinking I should look at my diet more. I've noticed that when I eat bread or sugary foods or drink some kinds of alcohol (flavored), that I don't do as well if I'm running the next day. I'm thinking it would also be best to add more veggies and maybe more meat to my diet. Heck, the problem might simply be that I'm not eating enough food everyday (even though my somewhat fat belly would seem to say that's not true).
  7. I really wish I had seen this post sooner. What I would do is follow the last week of the c25k app again. And if you feel you can run longer than it says, then just keep running when the voice says to walk.
  8. I reacted to your post with a trophy because I thought you deserve one. That is so awesome! You give hope to the rest of us. I'm still running a minute (or, if I'm lucky, a minute-and-a-half) at a time. My 5K is just under three weeks away, and I'm pretty sure I won't be running much of it. You still give me hope that, at some point, it may be possible to run 5 or 10 or even more minutes all at once. Thank you for that.
  9. Sounds like you have this covered. I think there are strollers that are built for runners to push, so moms and dads can run and take the little kids/babies.
  10. That's great! I agree that you should work with your pulmonogist on this, and if it takes a year, that's what it takes. The fact that you started this is awesome.
  11. I've gotten to the point where I run when I can and I rest when I have to, which means I'm not paying a whole lot of attention to what the lady says at this point.
  12. The c25k program says we should run 3 days a week, walk two or three days a week in between runs, and take one or two days off each week. I'm talking about the actual c25k program, not this app.
  13. It's a logical to suppose that it would do that, all right. Glad we could help.
  14. 4th floor? I'd get winded, too. You're right that it isn't easy. Many of us repeat weeks, but I really think it's worth it to get in shape.
  15. My c25k is rarely, if ever, accurate. I use the Nike app at the same time I use the c25k. As long as I'm not between my building and the covered parking area when I begin my run, the Nike app always picks up the GPS signal and gives me an accurate reading. The c25k seems like it never attaches itself to the GPS even though the GPS is always turned on.
  16. I barely ran a minute for one leg of the first run. I'm still having a hard time running 2 minutes, and I'm doing week four over and over until I can actually run the three and five minutes it requests. So you're definitely not alone.
  17. Wow! Glad you've recovered and are ready to run.
  18. I hope you feel better soon. Let us know when you're back on schedule. <3
  19. Week 4 is hard for me too. I think I will stay at this level until I really can run 3 minutes and 5 minutes.
  20. I've been working on this for at least 8 weeks, but as far as the app goes I'm still fighting with week 4. That week has you run 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes. I run, probably, about a minute and a half, with comparable breaks. Some of where I run is uphill, so my flat or downhill runs are a little bit longer. But I am making headway. A few days ago I corrected my form, and I think I'm going to make better progress.
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