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  1. You're supposed to run 3 days a week, walk 3, so you could do the others on your walking days. For example, Mon, Wed, Fri - run Tues - squats Thurs - pushups Sat - sit-ups Or you could do pushups and situps on run days, since they are upper body. Just wait a few hours between the exercise and the run. As for which one (exercise or run) to do first, do the one you want to be best at first.
  2. If you can do week 5, you are doing awesome!
  3. I never made it past week 5, so I probably can't help you. I did several weeks over and over, and that worked for me for a few months. I made a thread about the 5k I was planning to run in April 2019. Near the end, I wrote a schedule I thought was more realistic than the c25k schedule. I don't know if that will help.
  4. If you can run 6 miles without walking, you don't need this app. You need an app to train you for a half-marathon or a full marathon, and start at least 5 or 6 weeks in, or wherever the level fits someone who can run a 10k without a rest.
  5. Mine has always given me the warnings. There's no way to turn them off.
  6. MisterMark, it sounds like you should go into Feedback on your app, and send them an email about your problem.
  7. A 5k is 3.1 miles, in case you were not aware of that fact.
  8. I rarely come here anymore so this is the first time I've seen your post. You absolutely can do a 5k if you are walking that far. The thing is that in a 5k you don't have to run. You can walk. You'll probably be at the tail end of the crowd but it is not against the rules to walk. Of course you can run as much as you feel capable of, then start walking until you feel like you can run again, and repeat.
  9. Contact the developer via Feedback in the app.
  10. Not on the C25k. The schedule cannaot be altered in it.
  11. I'd go into the feedback part of your app and send them an email about this issue. It sounds like something only they can take care of.
  12. I think the most important thing to remember is that your health is more important than the app's schedule. If you feel like running is not something you can do, I think you should walk, and only run the minutes you feel safe doing so. You can also do speed walking. You should talk to your doctor. Running is probably good for your health, and I know walking is.
  13. So, I have not used the c25k app for a long time. I rarely get on these forums. I still wanted to give a quasi update. I'm still on for a 10k run in October, but I don't know how much of it I will run and how much of it I will walk. I hope this time I will not be sick like I was for the 5K in April. Thumbs up to all of you who are working to improve your health, working to successfully accomplish a 5k or 10k run, or have some other goal in mind that the c25k app will help you with.
  14. When I replied earlier, I did not have a Fitbit watch, but I got one for my birthday. And definitely it's really good for recording everywhere you go. I have not taken advantage of the Nike guided runs. To be honest, it's because I'm sure they will want me to go farther and faster than I'm capable of. I know that's a dumb reason to not even try it. (I've also switched it to miles.)
  15. Maybe your boys could run with you? And if you can, you could give them some kind of a reward at the end of each week.
  16. You just run any three days you want. I have never used the reminders, so I don't know what they do. I am supposing your phone make a noise or vibrates if that's turned on. I don't know if it would be daily or if you could set the days or what.
  17. It's all about time. It starts when you tell it to start and stops when the time runs out. I've found the Nike app to be really good for keeping track of what I actually run (both time and distance). You can set it to tell you when you've run a half km or a full km. You can also set it for miles, so I expect it would also give half mile and full mile comments. I use km because of 5km and 10km runs (or walks, as the case may be). Got to give Nike app a minute to make sure it's connected to the GPS if you want a more accurate reading. The c25k app was very helpful for beginning training, for me. I ran both apps at the same time and had no problems.
  18. I never heard of running in Crocs. Are they comfortable to run in? Do they work well for you?
  19. I hope you succeed with flying colors!
  20. Best of luck to you. You might also want to look at the keto forum on reddit
  21. I'd recommend that you look through the different posts that have been made over the last year or so. You may find a lot of help that way.
  22. I have the paid version of the c25k app and there's no way to save anything in the cloud. I haven't done it with this app but with other apps, when I finish a run, I take a screenshot and save it to Google Drive.
  23. Thank you. Your post adds encouragement to the thread. I like that.
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