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  1. I want to repeat a day but its taking me to the next day. Does anyone know if that is possible?
  2. Hi Everyone. I am 67 and have COPD/Emphysema. I also have always been a couch potato. I recently went to a Pulmonologist and my lungs are only working at 63%! I smoked for 30 years and quit 22 years ago. As you age your lungs decline so my lungs will just get even worse. I decided to do this program to try to make my lungs stronger, and started out on day 1 and could only run 20 seconds before I was completely out of breath. I think it will take a year to get to a 5 k. I am going to repeat day one for a week and see if I can go on to day 2 the next week. Right now am determined to do this!
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