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  1. As long as you keep trying you can’t fail. It’s when you quit that you fail.
  2. Hi there my name is Stacy! I’m 36 in June I have a husband and a son. I am insulin resistant type 2 diabetic. I started the C25K training yesterday. My goal it to regulate my heart beat and my blood sugar anything else is icing on the cake!
  3. I just redownlaoaded the C25K app on Friday. I had it before but was to afraid to try it. Well yesterday was my first day. I made it to the half way point on W1D1 before my right leg started hurting so bad that I couldn’t go any further. I am planning on doing W1D1 until I can complete it without quitting completely. Then moving onto W1D2. How long do you all stay on a certain week before moving to the next week training?
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