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  1. Ninjajedi

    C25K Pro <-- --> Garmin Forerunner watch

    I just start the run on my App and my wrist tracker at the same time. Garmin is way more accurate.
  2. Ninjajedi


    Cocoasmom, Look into the Garmin line of trackers for stats..Plus Training Peaks is great. Nobody endorsed me to say that. These are two tools I use.
  3. Ninjajedi

    Not a runner but here we go.

    Alright Boonedog.. Keep at it!
  4. Ninjajedi

    Day 1 and 2 completed but where can I see my stats

    Claire, I recommend you look at the Garmin line of trackers. You can get a lot of metrics on Garmin Connect. Also any running nerd could use Training Peaks, which has even more metrics. You can geek out on the combo of the two. Happy Running
  5. Ninjajedi


    Amen Dee!
  6. Ninjajedi

    Treadmill Running

    Dutch, I would say to concentrate in time. Distance a speed will come, but for now try for duration.
  7. Ninjajedi

    Newbie runner

  8. Ninjajedi

    Day 1 for me

    I am on my 3rd week of week 1. After this week I am going to try week 2. Thanks Raylina
  9. Ninjajedi

    Hey Silver Pie

    Hey, I was just wondering if you remember me? Where are you on your journey? Hope all is well.
  10. Ninjajedi

    Day 1 for me

    W1D2 complete.. I was able to finish today. Not like yesterday, I only did half.
  11. Ninjajedi

    Day 1 for me

    I am going to try this again.. I could only get through half of the first workout today. I lapped everyone on the couch though..Woohoo!!
  12. Ninjajedi

    Running theraphy for depression

    Anne, I'm in the same boat. Congrats on finishing day 2. I just did half of day 1 tonight.
  13. Ninjajedi

    Starting over

    Hey fellow 5k nerds, I am going to try this again. Hope to talk with you folks.
  14. Ninjajedi


    No apple watch, I have a garmin
  15. Ninjajedi

    Training for April 5k

    Ladies, I do apologize for not checking in. I regret to say my program is changing. I have been lurking the forums but not talking because I am embarrassed to say I am not training for a 5k at this time. I really hate starting something and not finishing but life is in the way. I will still be exercising but not this program. Happy running!