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  1. Ninjajedi


    No apple watch, I have a garmin
  2. Ninjajedi

    Training for April 5k

    Ladies, I do apologize for not checking in. I regret to say my program is changing. I have been lurking the forums but not talking because I am embarrassed to say I am not training for a 5k at this time. I really hate starting something and not finishing but life is in the way. I will still be exercising but not this program. Happy running!
  3. Ninjajedi

    Starting back

    Gina, sounds like a plan. Best wishes and happy running.
  4. Ninjajedi


    I use Pandora and I can hear both just fine. Hope you find something that works.
  5. Ninjajedi

    Day 1 question

    I have a Garmin watch too so that's what I go by.
  6. Ninjajedi

    So out of shape!!

    I get winded walking up to the 4th floor at my doctor. I'm on week 4 too. You got this.
  7. Ninjajedi


    I am taking your advice. Another day of rest for me. Thanks!
  8. Ninjajedi

    Looking forward

    Just do your best each week. If your feel like you need to repeat that week till you get it. Happy running!
  9. Ninjajedi

    Day 1 question

    Mine isn't entirely accurate but not that bad.
  10. Ninjajedi

    Started this evening!!!

    Nick I am stuck on week 4. Keep trying.
  11. Ninjajedi

    Is it possible to dial down the intensity of C25K?

    Sabeth no need to quit just keep doing the week you have trouble the best you can.
  12. Ninjajedi

    Starting over!

    Whoa that's heavy, best wishes!
  13. Ninjajedi


    Been feeling under the weather and haven't ran. Maybe tomorrow. Just keeping in touch.
  14. Ninjajedi


    We will get there..
  15. Ninjajedi

    Just starting out!

    Hi Stacy, I am no expert but I just do what my body can while pushing the limits. Good luck and happy running!