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  1. The C25k app seems willing to connect with Google Fit, and Google Fit claims they are connected, but info is never written to Google Fit (I've tried a couple or more times). I don't have any apps connected to c25k, but when I run, I run the Nike app along with it. Well, I've stopped using the c25k app (explanations are at the end of my Training for April 5k thread (under Accountability)), so I only use the Nike app now. I bought the c25k app and, like you said, there isn't much difference. I don't regret buying it, as it didn't cost very much and really helped me run during those first several runs when I wanted to just give up. I find that several apps can run at the same time. I can't help you with any of the others as I don't have them on my phone.
  2. Crabapple

    Run map

    My app never shows a map, even though the gps is always turned on, so I can't help you there. The best bet is to go into "feedback" on your app and click on it. It will let you send zenlabs an email with your phone info in it, and you can ask them about the problem. They haven't always been able to help me, but I usually get a reply.
  3. I have the c25k app, and I have not seen those options on that app.
  4. Several reviewers said this doesn't ride up. Hanes Women's Bike Shorts I would read a bunch of the reviews (both good, medium, and bad) to make sure they are something I would want, but from what I've read, these are good for the price.
  5. Thank you, CleBKPkr. I said "rest" instead of "walk" in my schedule, above. I'm going to edit it.
  6. This one made me laugh. I won't quit, but I'll swear the whole time I expected it to say the same thing as the shirts.
  7. That really is the best way to do it I think.
  8. The only luck I've had with shorts that don't ride up are longer shorts. I'm talking just above or below the knee.
  9. Crabapple


    No watch. I just use my phone.
  10. Repeating weeks seems to be the best way to do this. Best of luck to both of you.
  11. Thanks. I'll look it up when I get on my computer.
  12. Being able to run 10 minutes at a shot would still give a person decent 5K pace.
  13. The schedule I would choose would be more like this: Week 1 - Run 30 seconds walk 1 and 1/2 minutes Week 2 - Run 1 minute walk 1 and 1/2 minutes Week 3 - Run 1 and 1/2 minutes walk 2 minutes Week 4 - Run 2 minutes walk 2 and 1/2 minutes Week 5 - Run 2 and 1/2 minutes walk 3 minutes Week 6 - Run 3 minutes walk 3 minutes Week 7- Run 3 and 1/2 minutes walk 3 minutes Week 8 - Run 4 minutes walk 3 minutes Week 9 - Run 4 and 1/2 minutes walk 3 minutes Week 10 - Run 5 minutes walk 3 minutes Week 11 - run 6 minutes walk 3 minutes Week 12- Run 7 Minutes walk for 3 minutes Week 13 - Run 8 minutes walk 3 or 4 minutes Week 14 - Run 9 Minutes walk 3 or 4 minutes Week 15 - Run 10 minutes walk 3 or 4 minutes I would try that and see if it worked, and if it did I would continue in that manner, adding only one minute per week, unless by the time I got to 10 minutes, I could add two or three minutes a week.
  14. If I was going to make a c25k program, I would make it more realistic. I think the person who created the program has no idea what it's like to have never run. Nor do they have a clue about how difficult it is to run if a person is very much overweight. I mean, if a person is running with a 50 lb pack on their back, or 100 or 200, they might have a clue. People who are very much overweight are actually getting a whole lot more of a workout than someone who appears to be in shape, and I really admire overweight people who stick with the program, because it is not easy at all. You don't get enough credit for how hard you work and for what you do every time you do some kind of exercise program. You should be treated with admiration and love and I don't think that happens often enough.
  15. I think I've been doing this program for over 12 weeks. It's kind of difficult to know for sure, because I restarted week 1 a couple of times. And I don't think I joined the forum until I had run for a week, but I'm not sure. It looks like 12 weeks since I joined the forum though. Anyway, here's my review of the c25k program. Not this app, because it is simply following the program. It seems to me that it goes far too fast for someone who is inactive, as far as running goes. I've been working out with weights for 2 years. Now, when I started the weights I was really weak, but now I'm stronger than most women my age. So I wasn't exactly totally inactive when I started the c25k program. At this point the c25k program and I are parting ways. I don't regret using the c25k app, and I don't regret paying for it. It really has helped me. It has helped me not give up during those first few days and weeks, and I've met some people on here who really encouraged me. For that reason, I'm really glad that I had it.
  16. Thank you for letting us know ninjajedi. It really is painful to start something and not finish it. Best of luck with your new program. <3
  17. I have decided that, after my 5K on the 27th, I will probably not come to these forums, except once in a great while if I do come at all. They have been very helpful, and I do still intend to "run" a 10K in October but I will not be using the app after my 5K run, even though it has many weeks to go. I think I'll be like your relative, CleBkPkr, and take at least a year before I'm an actual runner. And like him, I intend to keep going until I can actually run and do it well - even if it takes me two or three years.
  18. My feet hurt. I went over 9 km today 5.78 miles). Most of it was walking, but it's the farthest I've ever gone. I was trying to see how far I could push myself to go. I tried it on Saturday, but the Nike app didn't pick up the GPS. Whenever it does that it always gives me credit for going farther and faster than I really go. So I was determined to find out how far I could really go. And the Nike app did pick up the GPS today.
  19. I totally want that shirt! Where do you buy one like that?
  20. I think standing is more fatiguing to the body than walking around. It's no wonder you're so tired at the end of your day. CleBkPkr's advice to run before work seems like it's probably a good idea.
  21. That's awesome, CleBkPkr. And very encouraging to anyone who reads that post.
  22. Crabapple


    I wonder if you could check settings or volume on iTunes? That's just a guess since I have never tried iTunes with the app. It seems to me like iTunes and the c25k app ought to work together.
  23. Good for you, PaulaClara. (thumbs_up) I'm planning to leave my four-week loop on April twenty-second. Up until now that third day of week 5, while not exactly terrifying, was definitely scary. At this point though, since my breakthrough this week, it isn't as scary, though I'm not so sure I would be able to run for a full 20 minutes. But my mindset is such that I'll give it my best shot and maybe I can do it.
  24. You are very inspiring. I think you can do this. I have been on week 4 for 4 weeks at least, so I am impressed with anyone who can do week 5. And I want you to know that, from my experience and experiences of the people posting here, it is absolutely no shame to repeat weeks over and over and over and over again. I think one's own personal health and stamina are a lot more important than a running program created by some random person who wanted to help couch potatoes run.
  25. What CleBkPkr said. I did a lot of research when I decided to run and after I started running, and the suggested program for this particular plan is to run a day, take a day off, run a day, take a day off, run a day, and then take two days off. On at least two or three of the days off you're supposed to walk, resting from both walking and running one or two days each week. You choose whether you want to walk 3 days and rest 1, or walk 2 days and rest 2.
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