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  1. I've never seen maps on the app, though there was someone on here several months ago who said they saw a nap after each run, but they couldn't go back to look at it again. I keep track of my runs through the Nike app, which has recorded my runs most of the time as long as it's connected to GPS. (The C25k app never did even though it was always connected to GPS.)
  2. Sounds like you've got a great plan! I don't have any experience to help you with your questions. Perhaps there's a running group on Reddit or you can do online searches. This forum can go a long time without conversation, but maybe someone will answer your questions.
  3. I hope it does, too. If you are in the habit of going barefoot, wearing flip-flops, or sandals that don't have any kind of lift in the heel then wearing typical running shoes would put a stress on your legs. If your new shoes don't help and if wearing minimalist shoes doesn't help, you might try doing an internet search on the problems you're having, and you might consider going to a sports doctor to see if they have any ideas.
  4. Also, I have a problem with a slower pace and I'm really sure it's because of the hills that are around here, so definitely the hills are a factor in your slower pace.
  5. I used the c25k app as a trainer for maybe three months. Somewhere during that time, I got the Nike app and used them together. What I did, was let the c25k app run its course, and then I would continue walking and running, using the Nike app to track my distance and my speed - because it will keep tracking until you tell it to stop or the battery runs down. So, in essence, I turned them both on when I began my run and when I was done I turned the Nike app off and the c25k had already stopped before then.
  6. The number one thing to remember is that your health supersedes anything the app wants you to do. I am not a doctor, but I would recommend that you research to see what your target heart rate should be for your age and health. To me, it seems high. If I were in your shoes, I would do fast walking instead of running, until I was able to run with a healthy heart rate.
  7. That's a great goal! It would be useful to keep in mind that the c25k program jumps way too much in week 5. Many of us have gone back and done weeks over several times. I'm no longer using the app. I'm running on my own schedule, and today I was able to run for 10 minutes without walking in between. For me, that is amazing. So, I would say to remember that your health is most important, and if you can't run as many minutes as they want you to, then do what you can. And remember, the fact that you are working on your goal makes you a winner!
  8. Have you thought about trying Minimalist Shoes? Regular shoes have a lift in the heel even if it isn't much. It's possible that could be an issue. I don't know, as I am not a doctor, but it might be worth checking into.
  9. You can do it! I'd recommend going through old threads, especially those written during the last 12 months and look for any advice that might apply to your goals and your situation.
  10. You can't edit the distance. I wanted to edit it because it had recorded my miles wrong. I contacted Zenlabs and all they told me was to make the app more sensitive to my movements, which obviously did not answer my question.
  11. Today I ran for 10 minutes and 5 seconds without a walk break between. I have never run that long. The run was slightly downhill which helped, and it was towards the end of my run. For some reason, I always run better after 25-30 minutes.. I'm not sure if I will be able to run the 10K I've committed to in October, but if I continue to improve I think it can be done. I'll probably see if I can do another 5K before then and, hopefully, I won't be sick and will be able to have a faster pace/time.
  12. Having the paid version of this app is no guarantee that the Apple watch will work with it. For me, although c25k offers to work with Google Fit, and Google Fit claims to be connected to it, it never writes to Google Fit. I think it's because Google Fit doesn't really accept it. Like I said, I have not seen any way for the c25k app to connect with any other app besides Google Fit. That doesn't mean it won't do it, but I have the paid version and I'm just sharing my experiences.
  13. I would say the keto diet, hands down. You might want to look on YouTube for Jason Fung. He's a medical doctor in Canada who works with diabetics and has helped them a lot. Reddit has forums on keto. Some people who have posted have said that the keto diet has actually made it so they no longer need medication and their blood sugar is normal. Disclaimer: I'm not a medical doctor. I am just answering OP's question according to what I have seen and studied in various places. I would definitely recommend that you do a lot of Internet research, and if you choose something (for example, keto) I would suggest you run it by your doctor. And I hope you have a doctor who does understand how good keto is for diabetics.
  14. It might because it's hard work. You may not notice it on scales though because it has a tendency to build arm and chest muscles. Diet seems to be a big factor in losing fat. In particular, low carbs. You might want to check out the keto forum on Reddit ( especially the FAQ in the sidebar), because keto is very low carb, medium protein, and medium fat. Even if you don't choose to go keto, it might give you some ideas on how to eat low carb.
  15. For anyone who doesn't know that you're supposed to run then walk and run then walk, repeat, I want to point out that the schedule I put above is a run/walk, run/walk, run/walk for however long you want to do it. Maybe twice maybe five times. And of course there is a 5 or 10 or even 15-minute warm-up and cool-down walk. I did try my schedule and found that 30 seconds is good for me to do at the beginning, then go into the one minute runs until I get tired of that and just stop counting how many minutes I'm running versus how many minutes I'm walking. Yeah, and that's after weeks and weeks of being on the program.
  16. You might want to contact the company through the feedback link on your app.
  17. Sayonara, folks. Best of luck to all of you.
  18. So I did it. I got sick on Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday I was in bed, but I was determined to do the run today. I did it, but my time was not very good. I was hoping that I would get under 53 minutes. I got 54 min, 25 sec (10'53" pace per km) but I've done 53 minutes in so many practices I thought I could do better on the 5K because I would be pushing harder. I'm really sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm sick. On the positive side, the fact that this is a private 5K because I couldn't walk the long distance to the city's 5K means that no one is going to get sick because I ran.
  19. I have the 5k app, so I can't tell you. You can scroll past the days to the right in the app and see on what week it ends.
  20. Sounds like you have great goals. You can do this, for sure.
  21. As for music, I made a playlist using the phone's default program instead of Google Play (it was recommended to do that to be able to have a playlist that worked with the c25k app). I'd go to music through the c25k app, not find my playlist, click on play all (or something like that; it has been a while since I've gone there), then go out of the music, then back in (sometimes doing that again) before I even saw my playlist, so I said, Forget that! and went through the Nike app to get to the playlist. I love doing it that way, as it always starts up when my workout (run) starts, and will continue playing until I press stop on the run. In other words, it plays the list over and over again if I'm running long enough. But I really liked the c25k for those first weeks of direction, being told when to start running and when to stop. It helps you figure out where you are and what you can do, plus gets you used to getting out there to do the run.
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