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  1. I originally downloaded this app in 2017 and gave up early. But January this year I got a super supportive sports bra, tight compression pants (I hate bouncing) and a no excuses attitude. My calendar says run, I run (rain...I run wet, sun...I still run wet cause of the sweat). Like silver Pi, I walk during run times if I have to but I repeat weeks until I can do the whole week running during the run time. And guess what I did today? I ran a full 5k even though the app said stop running, I hadn’t reached the 5k distance yet. So I kept running for 10 more minutes after the app said stop. I ran slow but I ran 5k. Distance on picture does not reflect ten minutes beyond end of C25k workout.
  2. I am finishing the C25K on Friday. My first 5K is 8 days later. Right now I am short on distance. I am only getting in about 2 miles in 30 minutes. What should I do between the last 30 minute run and my actual 5k to increase my speed or distance.
  3. I repeated week 1 and week 4. I never in my lif thought I could ever run 28 minutes without stopping but I just did it twice. In two days I am going for 30 and I am signrd up for my first 5k a week later.
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