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  1. It would be best to go into feedback on the app and send an email to the developer to answer your question.
  2. The program is not realistic for true couch potatoes and it certainly is not realistic for people with serious health problems. The best rule of thumb is to run when you can, walk when you have to, and don't over do it, even if it means you can only go 5 minutes in a session.
  3. It is supposed to be able to being able to connect to GPS but I have not found that it really does that when I checked it by using another app that actually does connect to the GPS. Your best bet would be to use Google Maps, map my run, or the Nike app to measure your actual distance. The Nike app is the best thing I've found for accuracy (I was able to run it at the same time I ran the c25k program).
  4. Do an internet search of c25k. Or you could search for "couch to 5K". This app did not invent the plan and the plan all over the internet.
  5. You might be surprised what you can accomplish. I was never able to get to 30 minutes of non-stop running. The most I ever got was about 7 or 8 minutes. Take as much time as you need. The c25k program is not actually realistic for most people. By the way, It's okay to walk as much as you need to during a 5k run.
  6. You posted in the wrong forum for your topic. There's an Injuries forum for this. And even if you're selling Max running shoes, it's probably okay to post useful articles from it, but why did you post the same thing in two forums (neither of which were in the Injuries forum)?
  7. My post above was to women because women seem to be targeted most of the time, but the same rule applies to men. And if you are a teenager or a child, be even more careful because some dangerous people on the internet pretend to be women or teenagers or even children to their chosen target. Never give out where you live, your phone number, your real name, or other information. We don't need another missing teenager or child, and you don't need the potential nightmare a stalker or scammer can give you.
  8. If any woman on this forum gets a message out of the blue from someone they have never interacted with, be very careful. Look to see if they have posted in any of the forums. Look to see how long they've been a member. A genuine, honest member will not pm someone they have never interacted with on the forum, especially not after being a member for only 6 hours. A genuine member will ask how to use the app or how to do the program in one of the forums instead of asking you, and their question will be specific, and not something that makes zero sense. And if such a person asks you where you
  9. Weight training would be good. Also, walking on at least two of your days off is good, too.
  10. You need to change your phone setting. You need to set it to not sleep for at least 30 minutes.
  11. You cannot really customize much in the app. You can change to metric or not, you can make the voice male or female, and you can make a playlist, but I've never seen a way to customize a race day or to customize the training. The training follows a set program. The app I bought is c25k but I'm pretty sure all of the others are similar.
  12. You run 3 days a week and walk 2-3 days a week. For example, you might choose to run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then you would walk on Tuesday and Thursday and possibly Saturday and then take a break on Sunday. Or you might take your break on Saturday and walk Sunday. Or you could just take a two-day break.
  13. The voice tells you when you are halfway through. At least mine always did. Also you can make it metric or not. Your choice.
  14. That is not what they were talking about. They were talking about not knowing whether to run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or if they should run on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, or what days they should run. They did not know that they could run on any days they chose.
  15. If something like this doesn't help (see below) then maybe you need to contact the company that made your phone. https://www.google.com/search?q=turn+off+annoying+phone+clicks+on+Android&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1-m
  16. I wouldn't. I would look at the app and decide where I thought I could begin, and start there. If it was too difficult I would go to an earlier week. If it was too easy, I would go to a later week.
  17. Week one would probably be too easy for you. I don't know how many weeks are in your training, but you could start halfway into it, and see how that works. Only you can tell what is too easy and what is too hard. The best way to figure that out is to just jump in one of the weeks.
  18. If you get one that can be put away, it might be put away and forgotten. If you get one that can incline, it has the potential to give a better workout.
  19. Treadmills at a gym are supposed to have a little thing that you clip to your clothes. If you start to fall it comes off of the treadmill and turns it off. I don't remember if you can turn the beep off or if there are treadmills that don't have them at gyms. It has been a long time since I went to a gym.
  20. Crabapple


    I made a comment at the end of one of my threads but I think it should be its own thread. Find it sad that so many people often get no answers to their questions, but I hardly ever come on here and I think most people who have had some experience are also gone. People come and go rather quickly on this forum. I rarely come here anymore, and the people who were active when I was training for my 5k seem to also be gone. I think most people don't get answers to questions because no one knows the answers. They are new, too. I would recommend reading old threads. And do a lot of rese
  21. People come and go rather quickly on this forum. I rarely come here anymore, and the people who were active when I was training for my 5k seem to also be gone. I think most people don't get answers to questions because no one knows the answers. They are new, too. I would recommend reading old threads. And do a lot of research online. The app that brought you here follows a schedule created elsewhere so you should be able to find info about almost any question you have. (Problems with the app can be best helped by going to "feedback" in the app, which lets you send them an email.
  22. I totally understand. Back when some of us were conversing on here fairly regularly, week 5 was the hardest. Most of us went back to week 4 several times. I don't know if anyone actually got beyond week 5, because the jump it makes is unrealistic for most people. After doing week 4 a few times, I just started running and walking as I felt I could, using the Nike app to keep track of my time, distance, and pace. And I started coming on here less and less. I don't regret using the c25k app. It was incredibly helpful to get me out there when I didn't really want to run. But after w
  23. The distance includes all the time spent running and walking with the guiding voice.
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