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  1. Hi Maizie88, I have it mostly under control but putting some gel pads under the insole of my shoes. Thanks for asking!
  2. I am on the last week of C25K and will run my 5K tomorrow. I felt very strong for 7 weeks, running on the treadmill. This week I run outside and did terrible, had to keep stopping and walking, calves tightened up and feet went numb. I am not feeling confident for my 5K. Anyone experience this and have suggestions on how to transition to running outside, now that Spring is here? I was planning to start the C210K next week. Thanks!
  3. Well, I completed W5D3 in the first try. Was determined to NOT repeat that day and just kept going!
  4. Just complete W5D2 this morning. Will attempt W5D3 for the first time on Tuesday, If I am unable to run the entire 20 minutes, is it standard practice to redo that day until you can? Thanks!
  5. I listen to eminem, rihanna, flo rida, etc. Good luck!
  6. I am right there with you! Just finished W5D2 today and looked ahead at W5D3 and thought how am I going to do this? I am not running at the pace of a 10 minute mile, are you? I am closer to a 15 minute mile. If I am unable to complete W5D3, I will try the suggestion of redoing W5D1 and D2 with an additional interval. Let me know how you do, good luck!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try that on a consistent basis and see if it help!
  8. Good Morning, I am in week three of C25K and have soreness on the ball of my right foot. I am resting in between days. I have soaked in epson salt. I have tried gel pads. I am sure loosing a few pounds would help, which is the goal. Approx 5 years ago I fractured the sesamoid bone in that foot and have hardware in my ankle from an accident 15 years prior. Before I call to the podiatrist, does anyone have an suggestions or home remedies? Thanks in advance! Ann
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