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  1. Friday I finished up week 4. It was a rough one for me, but it did end with success. Leading up to week 4, I had opted to repeat week 3 because I didn't feel I was ready for week 4. My first run on week 4 was a struggle. I made it through the first 3 minute run and the first 5 minute run but couldn't complete the second 3 and 5 minute runs. Week 4 run 2 was even worse, but I'm pleased to say that I made it through week 4 run 3 completely and it felt really good to be successful. I'm wondering, when I find that I'm unable to complete a run like this, what's the best thing to do? Should I just power through, run as much as I can and walk the remainder then advance to the next run? Or, is this a signal that I should go back and re-do the previous week? Thanks!
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