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  1. W9D3 done! Did much better on D2 but I'm glad I did it! ◡̈ nervous for next week!
  2. Speedingsloth


    LOL love it!!! Great work and all the best with your runs Paul! It might be tough but it will be all worth it! ◡̈
  3. The app is not wrong, I agree that it almost sounds impossible but trust the app and trust the training that you've done when you get there, and it is a case of mind over matter. There are a number of threads on this forum discussing how challenging it seemed(myself included) but you will be surprised once you get there and get past it.
  4. Congratulations on the weight loss and being in the best of health so far!! All the best with your running and keep us posted! ◡̈
  5. Great goals to start the year with zapperu !! Week 3 is a little more challenging, but many times it's a case of mind over matter, you'll do great!
  6. Welcome Jeff! Enjoy the program and keep us updated! ◡̈
  7. Hi Sarah and welcome!! Keep us updated with your runs, plenty of us here to keep you accountable and encouraged!
  8. It's ok Breezee, the next run will be better and you can do it, you've come so far!! As for your friend and anyone taller than me, I attribute their better speed to the bigger length of each stride they take compared to mine because I'm short.
  9. How are you going with your runs?
  10. In addition to keeping the iPhone in the pocket, I didn't wear my a watch on the last 2 runs which has been helpful because I have no sense of time so I can't do the 'how long more to the end' countdown and have no choice but to 'just run till I'm told otherwise'. Also helps in not being further imprinted with watch tan line
  11. just finished W9d2. Felt a lot better than day1 and I went a bit further and faster. Only half a side stitch(because it wasn't a full blown one). Hope it stays like that. Thanks for the encouragement Blayne and you will get there! Breezee is an inspiration!
  12. You can do it Blayne ◡̈ Mind over matter. I was in a similar position but what I didn't realise was that I had finished w2 and was running w3 without realising and was wondering why there were no audio cues only to realise it was w3. I was pleasantly surprised that I managed it.
  13. I hope so too! As for runners, Rebel sport currently has some really great deals on runners. I nearly picked up a pair for $50. Might be worth checking them out to see if there's anything for you. Now i see why you're madly running the 5k
  14. Ok Breezee so I did W9d1 today, it was not easy but I managed to complete it and I am glad I did! Agreed, I think getting to 10k is going to be a challenge and am going to need all the help, motivation and encouragement. I ran into multiple side stitches and some other aches. How are you going with your runs? You mentioned speed earlier, and now I'm worried that I might be going too slow!
  15. Welcome and congratulations on the weight loss! Great goal to start with! ◡̈ just keep running, keep going and when you might think that it's too hard, keep putting one foot infront of the other. You can do this! ◡̈
  16. Well done on pushing through to the end! I've just copied and pasted what I wrote previously when someone asked a similar question: The program is designed so that you run 3 times a week, with one day of rest between each run. The idea is so that you're not running consecutive days. I've often done a loose routine of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday depending on my schedule and if I'm feeling energetic, I would start the next week on Sunday, or repeat a run if a certain day hasn't gone so well. On the rest days, I mostly do nothing(may not be the best idea), or take a 5k walk and/or walk up the stairs to work. Others on this forum utilise the rest day to cross train or do some strength training. You will soon find a rhythm and routine that works for you as you progress. Keep us posted! ◡̈
  17. All the best Mishy and Lowczar! Lowczar, keep running even when it gets tough or when you feel that taking another step is going to be just too much(without injuring yourself or aggravating your Achilles). It'll get easier and you'll Get better. Put on some good music,look ahead as you run, keep your phone in your pocket, don't look at it and rely on the audio cues and do it at your own pace. ◡̈
  18. Hi Miranda! Been told that the first day is the hardest day and you've accomplished it! Well done! 3.9km is good distance. Just checked my records from a previous run from week 1 and it was less than what you've done. Like you, I too was concerned with the distance covered but I've been told that the aim for now is to build up endurance and worry about the distance much much later. Also, everyone has a differing base fitness level and therefore a varied distance covered. Hope this helps
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