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  1. Hi Steve, depending on which part of US you're in, there may be a weekly parkrun event near you http://www.parkrun.us/events/
  2. Thanks Jeshi, I don't think I am going fast at all(just under 8 mins including warm up and cool down) and would like to improve the time. I think one thing that often strikes me is the dreaded side stitch. I need to pay attention and take note of the factors that are causing my run to be miserable. I'm achy from yesterday's run, could be due to almost a week's inactivity or 2 consecutive days of running.
  3. Thanks Rob! I'm planning to complete the 30 minute run a few times and get comfortable with it before I start the 10k. With some of the previous weeks, I found that I had some spare gasoline at the end of the cycle and could still run a bit more during the cool down time but now I'm just waiting for the cool down ping And you're right, to think that I wasn't able to run for 20 secs without a big huff and puff after 8 weeks ago...
  4. Hi Shannon and Layla, keep us posted with your progress and also any challenges that you might face. There are plenty of experienced runners in this forum who have been and still are helping and encouraging me! We are here for each other! I've found the following helpful: Keep your phone in your pocket, don't look at the app at all for the duration of the whole run Have some great music going And remember to 'just keep running' and 'keep putting one foot in front of the other' ◡̈
  5. Yes Free2bme, I have often thought about having junk food as a really good idea but it is often quite the opposite once I'm done and feeling sick in the stomach and regret. Not so much emotional eating but more of convenience. It's taken me a few rounds of sick stomach to learn my lesson. That's not to say that I have absolutely zero junk food in my diet, I just have them less and also weigh out by asking myself 'is it worth the calories?' In other words, is it yummy enough for me to burn my run, just being slightly more selective with being the 'empty calories' has helped. However, the Christmas eating has been challenging
  6. Alright, I went again this evening and managed to complete the whole 30 minutes for the 4th time. There were plenty of thoughts of quitting during the run, but just kept telling myself to 'keep on running' and 'keep putting one foot in front of the other'. Will running the entire 30 minutes be a walk on the park some day...? Any tips to achieving that?
  7. Thanks peeps, it was a nice and cool evening yesterday. After thinking through a little more last night, it could be due to a lack of water throughout the day? Will try again this evening
  8. So I went for a run this evening. My last run was before Christmas and had to stop due to really hot weather. I completed the full 30 minutes 6 days ago for the 3rd time. Today I did so badly and only managed to complete slightly more than half of the 30 minutes. I ran out of air, and had to stop. I thought I was going to pass out at some point. I sat down and rested on the park bench then walked home (in shame and also discouraged
  9. Hi Ezzy, The top left corner of the screen when the app is turned on tells you the time for each day's workout. It starts with 30 minutes and progresses to 40 minutes at the end of week8
  10. Welcome and well done! What's great is that you're both doing this together, which is great accountability wise and also on days when you're feeling lazy, the other one can push you ◡̈ I too was super sore but it gets better as you progress through the weeks
  11. Keep us posted on your progress!! ◡̈
  12. Oh well done!!! It's great to hear that you enjoyed it!!
  13. What did you manage up to for today's session? were your muscles tired/fatigued from your climb? You could take a break day and try again in a couple of days time? It's a wonder what a short break can do. I'd aim for 25 minutes in the next run and if I still have enough energy by the end of it I'd run extra minutes during the cool down. Alternatively, aim for 28 mins and if you're really feeling tired, change plan to 25. That's what I've done in the past.
  14. Hi Jeshi!! Runs are going quite well i think, has it's good and bad days. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally went from the end of W6 straight to W8D3(due to me scrolling around the app and then starting the app without checking the next day
  15. Thanks Caz! It was much better today and I think the cooler weather has helped. I hadn't factored in the hot weather when I started this. Only thought about the winter days as a challenge. However, I saw a few people running after dark this evening but I can't see that as a good idea in terms of safety. Hope you've managed to complete W6D2!
  16. Thanks Caz! Didn't go so well today but will try again tomorrow. Think it was due to the lack of running in the past week(had a heatwave here) or was rather warm today. How did you go with your run?
  17. Hey Breezee, we all have bad days, I havent had the best run today(I'm blaming it on not running for a week due to the heatwave) but this is where you(and I) pick (y)ourself up, dust yourself off and put on your shoes tomorrow(weather permitting in QLD) and get back running. Take a deep breath, Keep looking ahead, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Don't you dare give up on the program after coming so far! There's too much hard work and training that has gone in to throw it all away. Remember how hard W1, 2 and 3 was? It was way harder than this! (This is what I'm telling myself too) I plan to try again after work tomorrow to see if I can make up for today's run or the lack of. I'm also on week 7, but I've sort of jumbled up my weeks and days. My apologies for sounding so mean
  18. Hi free2bme, well done on persevering!! Keep it up! I experienced a similar pain in the middle underside of my foot right at the arch on my right foot and was told that it is due to overuse of my right foot. In other words, putting more of my weight on that foot. I've since made a conscious effort to put more weight on my left foot which has helped. Hope this helps you.
  19. Caz, I found w6d1 tough as well which I found funny because I thought w5d3 wasn't too bad. It's gonna be an interesting one today as I haven't done a complete run for over a week due to weather.
  20. Good on you for making the decision to start! I agree with Rob that this program works, I couldn't run 30 meters without feeling like passing out when I started about 2 months ago ◡̈ Keep us posted!
  21. Great job on getting started! Take it one step at a time, and keep putting one foot infront of the other! Look forward to reading as you progress! ◡̈
  22. Great job on working through the 'anxiety'. Totally understand been through that feeling. The hardest part is getting started and you did it and not to mention that you felt good about it!
  23. Good point, thanks Ruthie! I've wondered how I was going to motivate myself to run through winter but totally forgot about the challenge of sweltering summer days! Might just do a quick one today, or none at all.
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