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  1. Totally understandable Breezee. Whilst I will probably have the time(until everything starts up again), the weather has been a bit of a challenge with the heatwaves, I usually have to wait till about 7.30 so that it is cool enough to run by which it starts to get dark and safety then becomes a factor. I'm 2 runs to starting the 10k, will let you know when I'm there and see if I can catch up with you. But I'd be keen to do this with you so that you can give me some pressure ◡̈
  2. Great job Helen!! Keep running woot woot!
  3. Nice work Alby! I had spare gas when the notification for the final minute came on so I sprinted. It felt reallygood! But I think I'm paying for it with the aches now LOL!
  4. I did my 5th 30 minute run today. 2 more to go before I count my c25k complete. Can you wait for me please?
  5. Hi there and welcome! I've always hated running as well but as I've progressed with the program I'm beginning to enjoy it. earlier in the program, When I did struggle(and trust me there were plenty of those moments) I would be constantly praying and asking God's Strength to keep me from passing out! Looking forward to reading about your progress and all your successes and God bless!! You can do this, just keep putting one foot infront of the other!! ◡̈
  6. I think it's about time I started on the c210k but am too afraid to take the plunge especially after your experience! I'm still procrastinating by running 30 minutes. Need some convincing here!
  7. You've got this! Love your attitude!
  8. Hello! Welcome and great work on your resolution! The program is designed so that you run 3 times a week, with one day of rest between each run. But the idea is so that you're not running consecutive days. I've often done a loose routine of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday depending on my schedule and if I'm feeling energetic, I would start the next week on Sunday, or repeat a run if a certain day hasn't gone so well. On the rest days, I mostly do nothing(may not be the best idea), or take a 5k walk and/or walk up the stairs to work. Others on this forum utilise the rest day to cross train or do some strength training. You will soon find a rhythm and routine that works for you as you progress. Keep us posted! ◡̈
  9. Hi Marissa! Good on your for getting started! How did your run go? Keep running and keep updating us all, we are all here for each other!
  10. Hi there!! Great job on the start! There's a Georgia M in the introduce yourself thread who like you is just starting or has started today! ◡̈ Hope your run went well! http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/topic/3289-week-1-day-1-buddy-needed-ill-be-a-buddy-if-needed/#entry15564
  11. Great Job Arwee!! That's a good goal to work towards! ◡̈ Happy new year !!!
  12. Running after the bus is the story of my life....school bus, city bus, Airbus....LOL All the best and enjoy the run!
  13. Hi Arwee, great way to start the new year! ◡̈ I run the app and run keeper as well a music app simultaneously. I used to use stream music while running but that(and the GPS) chewed up most of my data allowance so I've stopped streaming music. i have a snack before starting my run, usually a banana and a glass of water Or a little bit more depending on my hunger level. As for water intake, I learnt the hard way last week the importance of being hydrated throughout the day before the run, even though it was a fairly cool day (20c) My routes are flat for the most of it, there are some inclines but not many at all. On days when I feel like I am wearing out, I literally run from(not for!) the hills as soon as I see one!
  14. All the best Andrew! Just excited from your excitement! Looking forward to hearing about your progress!
  15. Hi Jake, I was in the same position as you. I thought there was a mistake in the program but trust the program and just go for it and see what you can do. Don't worry about the distance for now, it's the endurance that the program is aiming to build, focus on the 20 minutes instead of the 2 miles One thing that really helped me was to keep my phone in the pocket the whole time so that I'm not counting down and have some good music on and just keep running. All the best and keep us posted! ◡̈
  16. All the very best!!! Great job on getting started!! Keep running and keep us posted!!
  17. So true! I usually run late in the evening, but it is still really warm here and any later it would be dark and safety becomes a concern
  18. Hey onegolfgal, I've had the problem and sometimes still do where my lungs give out. I've found that breathing through the mouth to be really helpful. That allows for more air and deeper breathing and on occasion help with the side stitch. I dont have a specific work out plan on rest days but i try to take the stairs up to the office, more so on rest days or I might do a 5k walk
  19. Hiya both! Doesn't matter where you're at with your program, keep posting, we are all here for one another! ◡̈ Free2bme, it will get easier as you progress.
  20. I used to relish all the walking intervals because it was the time I could recover from the running interval. In hindsight, I perhaps went too slow, so much that I dreaded starting the next interval. i would extend my walk and then restart when I was ready. Thanks! ◡̈ Probably quite descriptive of me That's great to hear that its helped!!
  21. Likewise! Alternatively, I thought of doing it using a different name so that no one will laugh at me when I come in last! ◡̈ Or how about, all of us from here sign up using our usernames from this forum, this way, we'll be the only ones who will know
  22. Couldn't agree more with the shoes! They make a world of difference. I was wearing the wrong type for my feet type and resulted in knee pains. Got fitted and no complaints since! They are a worthy investment. I justify the shoe cost in lieu of gym fees
  23. I know right! I'm so excited that I don't break a sweat when I have to sprint after the bus!
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