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Found 8 results

  1. I am running again. Today is my first day back on the sidewalk. Beats pounding in my ears. The only thing missing was the fire breathing down my throat. It's funny how the body remembers. I am starting from scratch on the 10K app to prevent injury. Happy running!
  2. Where do you run? I like to mix it up to keep it interesting. I started out on treadmill so I could stop when I wanted to stop and not have to come all the way back, but now that I have some stamina built up, I really enjoy outdoor running. I have to stick to road mostly right now, near home in the mornings before work, but love to hit a good mountain trail when I can get up there. Time just flies by when you're preoccupied with choosing a path around roots and rocks!
  3. Should I run every other day?
  4. Hello! I just downloaded the app and I am going to be starting my first 30 minutes tomorrow! I am a teacher and figured I would start this once our big holiday break was finished in order to set my workout pattern correctly. I tore my achilles on April 3, 2015. Waited a month and then had surgery (long story). I just finished therapy, but I gained a bunch of weight for being inactive and I am only about 85-90% back to full strength. I wanna get back into shape starting with this app! I am not a great runner, but I only see positive reviews from this thing. Any tips or advice would be wonderful! I know I will struggle and prone to complaining. I need a support system to get through it. Here Goes Nothing!
  5. Hey there I am 33 years old, 87 Kilos, 1.78 and I am trying to lose around 8-10 Kilos (and i want to reduce my body fat) My main workout is Running, I am running almost everyday for 45 min, around 5 kilometers (and from time to time I am doing P90X, Kenpo x) and I am a little bit confuse about the intensity of my running Some places I heard that I should run slow for a long time for maximum fat lost and some other places I heard that I need to run fast (small sprints) to lose maximum fat what is the right method? * Plus I am taking my diet very seriously since I know I need to lose more calories than i am taking Plus if you have any other methods and tips how to lose fat and to reduce my body fat "fast" it will be great! Thanks Yossi
  6. i have finally gone and did it. Completed W1D1 of C25K. I am 46 years old and weigh near 300 lbs & I have come to the conclusion that I have a very hard time dieting and I really like beer, so I decided I need to put in a check system to keep me honest. I have signed up for my first 5k at the end of October (Halloween) and the long term plan is to run a 5k at least once a month from there forward. Pleased to meet "all of y'all" here and look forward to talking with you. Cheers, MightyFez
  7. So last night I did the Week 1 Day 1 activity. I loved it! I got to see more of my neighborhood and thanks to the walk breaks I completed the whole thing relatively smoothly. All other times I've been jogging I've never wanted to continue the next day - it was so hard and I hated myself for stopping. This app allows me to feel good since it incorporates walking. Looking forward to getting fitter and hoping I don't quit!
  8. Which running form has worked best for you? Forefoot, midfoot, or heel strike? Why? What would you recommend to others?
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