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  1. Well done on keeping at it! It will get easier as you progress with this I promise. I think it's safe to say that we've all been there ◡̈
  2. So last Friday I started w7d1, which is a 25 minute run. About 15 minutes in and some mental maths later, I realised that I was ahead of where I was supposed to be, ab30 minute run without stopping. It was too late to restart as I didn't want to break my stride, so I continued and pushed myself until I completed the whole 30 minutes. I completed the run without stop,(which felt really awesome!) My question is, since I prematurely graduated this program, should continue running at the w8d3 timing or go back and do the last 5 runs(25, 28 minutes)? Thank you!
  3. Well done Tatiana! ◡̈ Everyone is different, so I suggest that you see how you feel after each run and listen to your body. For the most part, I ran 3 times a week, M, W, Sat or T, Th, Sun. And on the days off, incorporate other forms of exercise like strength training(I haven't been very good with this). Some would do 4 days a week, repeating day 3 on the 4th run or like Rob, start the next week's training. So it really depends, but with another run or two, you should be able to work out what you're comfortable with
  4. Hi NanaB, I use the app with an iPhone6. The audio commands come through earbuds, be sure to take your phone of the silent mode. Hope this helps!
  5. Great job on getting started! As Wendell has mentioned, don't quit, and take it one day at a time.
  6. Well done, let us know how you go
  7. Great job Katie!! Keep us updated on your progress, there are plenty of threads with others' experiences and plenty to learn too!
  8. I know right! I actually enjoyed the 20 minute run, wasn't easy but it was achievable and enjoyable!
  9. Hope work finishes in time for your run! I can't wait to build up my distance so that I can run with my friend. I've just been wondering how I will keep up with this when the wet and cold days set in(currently Spring/summer now).
  10. I think I'm getting better this morning, but I'm definitely going to the doctors if it's still sore day after tomorrow, thank you everyone! Anne, I'm so excited for you! You'll do great, cant wait to hear how you went! So happy to know there's someone who is on the same week as I am but I think you'll soon be ahead of me! ◡̈
  11. Guess what! I managed The infamous w5d3 yesterday! It really wasn't as hard as I had initially thought a couple of weeks ago, Azatol, you were right, it's all in the mind! I had some extra energy and continue for a couple more minutes beyond the 20 minute mark. I did it against what I think was my better judgement, with my sore back because I didn't want to have to repeat days or go backwards. It didn't seem to aggravate it, which was great, but it hasn't improved much yet. A thread about back pain mentioned that it's due to the fact that our bodies are just getting used to exercise and the cure for it is exercise, any thoughts? http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/topic/2206-back-pain/#entry11313
  12. Hi everyone! My next run is the big W5d3! I w5d1 and 2 went really well, keeping my phone in the pocket the whole time was a great idea and turning up the music loud enough to drown out my own negative thoughts causing mental blocks really helped! In fact I had enough gas on both days to run and extra 2 minutes! You're all so amazing! I was really looking forward to conquering w5d3 tomorrow but sadly I've just developed a really sore lower back this evening. Not sure where this leaves me, but hoping and praying that I'll be pain free tomorrow.
  13. Thank you everyone!!! You're all amazing! I completed, but it wasn't great(because I wasn't feeling 100%). Sorry to disappoint you Annie I had to stop for a short break(due to the all dreaded stitch) during the second 5 minute cycle before continuing, but pushed on to the end. But all good, will start week 5 next, and looking forward to a better run. keep me accountable, please. At this point I still find it hard to believe that W5D3 will be achievable, can't work out the science behind that for now Azatol, yes, I've been breathing through both my mouth and nose, just to get more air into the system and avoid the dreaded stitch which has helped. I think when I mentioned breathlessness, it's more so the feeling that comes from increased heart rate I can't wait for the day that I'll be able to run for 30 minutes in one breath. and also cover more distance! What is the average distance covered for a typical week 4 workout? I think I'm going way too slow than what is expected of the app, currently doing 3.77km(2.44miles) in 32m, which, if extended to 5 kms, is only a little bit faster than walking...
  14. Thank you so much everyone! Going out soon, will report back after my run. I think I must face the same challenges as you Wendell, hence my dread for d3.
  15. Hi everyone, I've been using the app and am at week 4 now. Been a silent reader of the forum topics and am loving how supportive and encouraging everyone here is! (that's why I've signed up) I'm due to do the W4d3 run tomorrow and am dreading it(not to mention w5d3!). Mainly because I now know the 'pain', breathlessness and everything unpleasant during my run but I know I need it and don't want to fall off the plan altogether. Really need some motivation, and I know this too shall pass and will feel awesome after the run. As I read somewhere else, I think I need to channel my inner Dory, 'Just keep swimming'. Yipes!
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