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  1. Yeah it is! Way to get it done though!
  2. Great news! Sounds like the plan is working nicely!
  3. Well, I never thought I'd get here. I still remember that first week and how hard it was. Just getting motivated to run in the morning was difficult. But here I am, 8 weeks later and still going! Some of the days have been tough, but my body has been able to handle it. I'm down 16 pounds and falling. Best of all, I feel great. I now look forward to my morning runs and I've already worked out a plan for my winter running (no way I can run in a mid-Michigan winter...our street is poorly plowed and the car has a hard enough time moving through it ). But, oh yes, I'll be running in the winter. Already looking forward to the 10K app and starting to expand not only my stamina but try and get that speed fast enough to run the 5K in 30 minutes (or dare I say below). Stamina first though...still have my first 5K to get ready for in September. Keep running everyone!
  4. Later week 7! Had such a great run this morning that I actually threw a few short sprints in during my jog just to mix up the tempo a bit.
  5. Like everyone said, you can do this! I did the same thing (looked ahead and freaked out) but the system works. If you have to repeat days or weeks, that's completely ok. You'll know what your body is telling you that it can handle. And, you might just be surprised as to what you can do when you get to those weeks (I sure know I was). You got this!!!
  6. I would think if they aren't comfortable, you're going to know better than anyone else (even those that fit you). I'd make sure that you tell them what it feels like to run in the shoes - that'll probably be good information for them as they try and get you in the right shoe.
  7. On week 7 day 2 tomorrow! Way to go everyone!
  8. Sorry to hear about the rough go - hopefully a bit of rest will help you get over the hump. You can do it!
  9. Thanks Kelly - just trying to help out (I imagine that this in no way would be comfortable or could it motivate anyone wanting to run). bigjas77 - hope the compression shorts work out!
  10. Sorry I couldn't help more - sometimes I'll wear compression shorts under my running shorts...wonder if that might help?
  11. Jealous! The Surge looks awesome! I have the Fitbit Charge HR and love it. I'll start the Fitbit app to track my run GPS - which right now is circles around my block I like it more for the stats (time, calories, steps, and heart rate.
  12. Love my armband. I have Bluetooth headphones too so I don't have to worry about the wire catching anywhere while I run.
  13. That can't be comfortable! I'm a boxer briefs guy - they have the tight short feel but underneath your regular shorts. I don't have the wedgie or chafing issue either (they protect quite a bit of the upper legs).
  14. Definitely slow like Roman Soldier said. Speed will come but best to find your pace that will give you the energy to finish.
  15. You can do it! Although I got a great laugh from the 'I don't run...' quote I've only faced the rain once so far (ran anyway - put on a jacket that's got good water repelling to it and went). You get wet, but actually that run (it wasn't a downpour) was a good one because the rain cooled me down while I ran. It actually was kind of fun! Hopefully the weather breaks and you can eventually tear down that quote above your desk - you can be a runner! (I know if I can, anyone can!)
  16. Thanks! And way to go on your Wk5 D3 run too!
  17. I would definitely follow up with a specialist (I don't think anyone will be able to tell you truly what your chances are). That being said, I have a really bad right knee (had laparoscopic surgery to repair a torn lateral meniscus in high school and it bothers me still at times). But I'm running (and actually the continuous work has been strengthening it). My knee has felt better since running (I do have those aches after a hard run, but I haven't noticed the normal knee pain nearly as much since I've started). Follow your doctors' orders and definitely get it checked further. You may need a break (and some PT or maybe even surgery depending on the situation). You want to make sure that you are truly healthy and that your knee can take the forces of running.
  18. Way to go! You're such a motivator on these forums and you definitely deserve a 'Way to go' for that!
  19. Way to go! I know I've always felt that the first run of the week seems to be the most difficult (wonder if it's the two days of rest?). But you made it!
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