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  1. You'll be there in no time
  2. Where are my week 7 friends at?
  3. Hey man I'm also from MI. Lots of good places to run out here!
  4. Before a run i eat a banana with a tiny bit of peanut butter spread down the length. After words I eat a balanced mini meal. A club sandwich with no mayo and a fruit salad if I run near lunch. I also eat extra cause usually after a run I jump in the pool and do breast strokes until my body heat comes down and my arms feel tired.
  5. For me running is more mental than physical. I weigh damn near 300lbs yet I keep forgetting that I am a fat guy. You can do this! You got this! Don't tell yourself you can't do it or that it is too far. Tip: I got through my first continuous 20 minutes run by doing a body scan every 5 minutes. I evaluated my pace, breathing, how my muscles fealt etc. I kept telling myself I just made it 5 minutes, what is another 5? I just made it 15 minutes 5 to go...piece of cake! When you feel weak or lack that drive only focus on positive things. Even if you quit your run early. Look at only th
  6. Last year I did C25K and got up to week 4 or 5 and my left calf muscle gave out. It turned out the problem was a chronic knee injury I picked up 7 years ago was causing horrible foot strikes and wearing me down quickly. I did physical therapy and retrained myself to walk and run with better posture and I am now getting back into it. My name is Brian, I am 27 years young and am a fan of baseball and hockey. I got into running my first year of college when a friend training to get into the national guard asked me to go with her. I struggled through the mosquitoes and heat and decided to run
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