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  1. You'll be there in no time
  2. Where are my week 7 friends at?
  3. Hey man I'm also from MI. Lots of good places to run out here!
  4. Before a run i eat a banana with a tiny bit of peanut butter spread down the length. After words I eat a balanced mini meal. A club sandwich with no mayo and a fruit salad if I run near lunch. I also eat extra cause usually after a run I jump in the pool and do breast strokes until my body heat comes down and my arms feel tired.
  5. For me running is more mental than physical. I weigh damn near 300lbs yet I keep forgetting that I am a fat guy. You can do this! You got this! Don't tell yourself you can't do it or that it is too far. Tip: I got through my first continuous 20 minutes run by doing a body scan every 5 minutes. I evaluated my pace, breathing, how my muscles fealt etc. I kept telling myself I just made it 5 minutes, what is another 5? I just made it 15 minutes 5 to go...piece of cake! When you feel weak or lack that drive only focus on positive things. Even if you quit your run early. Look at only the positives.
  6. Last year I did C25K and got up to week 4 or 5 and my left calf muscle gave out. It turned out the problem was a chronic knee injury I picked up 7 years ago was causing horrible foot strikes and wearing me down quickly. I did physical therapy and retrained myself to walk and run with better posture and I am now getting back into it. My name is Brian, I am 27 years young and am a fan of baseball and hockey. I got into running my first year of college when a friend training to get into the national guard asked me to go with her. I struggled through the mosquitoes and heat and decided to run with her 3 days a week. Long after she got into the military I kept running and lost 85lbs running a 5k distance several times a week. During college I slowly put the weight back on and lost track of my love of running. By my senior year I had gained all 85 lbs back plus added an additional 52lbs putting me at a grand total of 344lbs. I was devastated by this when my doctor told me I was going to die if I didn't slow down my lifestyle and watch my weight. So I started lifting weights, walking 4 days a week (even in the rain) and got a job doing landscaping which got me down to a slightly slimmer 312lbs. I told my doctor about C210k and with support and careful monitoring, physical therapy to repair my knee, and deliberately planned run days I am now down to 291lbs and on week 6 day 2 of C210k! So guys who are new and not built like a south African marathon elitr runner take my advice. Despite the pain, lack of motivation and time go out and put your best foot forward. It just may change your life. Add me on myfitnesspal corwinkb Snapchat coffee4dappl Have fun everyone!
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