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  1. I finished the C25K a couple weeks ago and I have ran my first 5K, I have been running 4.5 miles every other day this past week. Now I'm starting to chaff under my armpits on my side and my nipples get sore. Any suggestions forme that could help?
  2. I finished up with C25K a couple of weeks ago and actually ran in my first 5K last Saturday and I loved it! Granted my time was a 39 but I did it. Since my completion on the app, I have been running 4.5 miles every other day and I am participating in another 5K tomorrow!
  3. When you reach week 8, you feel amazing! I know ppersonally, that I don't want to stop!
  4. Thank you all!!! I love running and plan on continuing to make it part of my life!!!
  5. It's hard to believe I started on July 20 with my training and I will be starting Week 8 on Monday. What an amazing feeling it is and I will be running my 1st 5K on September 20! I will continue my training and plan to start 10K training!!!
  6. KellyAnn, thank you I am starting the first day of week 5 today.
  7. Moonman, thank you for the advice. I will definitely try the corn starch and as for the compression underwear, I may give Wal-Mart's a try first cause I am dropping weight and my clothes are getting loose. I would rather try them before I drop the money on Under Armor.
  8. I'm 38 years old and I use to run about 5 miles a day when I was was 23 years old. Sadly I quit over time due to getting a job and working 40+ hours a week, and I packed on the weight. I have always been a big guy, even in my peak days of running I was 250 lbs, but I was in shape. The heaviest I weighted was probably 400+lbs back in 2010. Finally I woke up one day and realized my health was slipping. In May of 2014 I went to the doctor due to being thirsty all the time, having to urinate constantly, and feeling tired and week. Come to find out my diabetes had gotten really bad. The one plus side to my sugar running so high was that I lost like 40 lbs in about 2 months. So from that day forward, I started to watch what I was eating better and more weight was coming off. I am not going to lie, at the start of my C25K training I weighed 330lbs! Now just after finishing Week 3, I am down to 320. The reasons I downloaded this app to train is cause I want to do what I use to be able to do! I got the pro version for free from Amazon due to some app credits I have, and honestly I would have paid for it even if I didn't have the apps. I love the feeling of completing my workout and look forward to the next one. I work a swing shift schedule and sometimes 16 hours a day, but I still take time to do my workout. The key is setting a goal and going for it and once you reach that goal set it higher. I don't allow myself to have any doubt anymore! Doubt can be one of your biggest motivation killers when it comes to anything in life. It has taken me some time, but I eliminated doubt from my life! If I want something, the only thing that is stopping me is myself. Let no one stand or nothing keep you from achieving what you want in life. I take care of myself, no one else does, or will. I determine how my life can go!!! This is me in 2010
  9. I completed my week 3 training yesterday and I was wondering if it is a good idea or if it is okay to take a 2 day rest or just stick with my 1 day rest before starting Week 4?
  10. I just finished my week 3 and will be starting week 4 Friday. I love it overall and actually have a friend that has started with me! I will work on a better introduction once I get my profile set up from my computer. Kind of limited by what the app lets you do.
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