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  1. I'd just give week 5 a try and see what you can do. If you need to go back to week 4, that's ok too. You can do it! I remember being at week 5 and saying to myself 'No way!' but I got out there and did it...and if I can, anyone can. You got this!
  2. Just keep moving like everyone said! You'd be surprised what you can accomplish. Like Clairey-Lou said, slow down if you have to. And if you have to repeat a week, that's ok too. You got this!
  3. Welcome to the forums and running Brittany! Also from Michigan, haven't tried running in the winter but I know what MI winters are like. Might be worth looking into local fitness facilities and running indoors or in a treadmill during the winter months (that's what I'm planning on doing). Take it one day at a time! You can do it!
  4. Way to get started...my gut response was going to be 'one foot in front of the other ' Some people keep their phone in their pocket or a holder of some sort (I use an armband to secure it), others hold it. Try not to look at the time...push yourself as best as you can and you'll be amazed what you can do. Good luck! Keep us posted!
  5. That's a toughie. I'm waffling back and forth with a response. On one hand I totally get your frustration - it sounds like you're making great strides. On the other hand it sound like your husband wants to join you in the program. I don't think it would hurt you if you wanted to go back a few weeks and run together - plus you'd have a running partner which would help pass the time and help with support for each other. Frustrating situation I'm sure but if you don't need to complete the program for an upcoming run, it might be nice to have the support and be his support as well.
  6. Good luck - take it in...you only get one 'first' 5K! And, think of it this way - no matter how you finish time-wise, you'll have a new personal record!
  7. All great suggestions! You may want to try and hit a discount shoe store that has running shoes too - trying them on makes all the difference. There are some great shoes that I just can't wear because they feel horrible. It really shouldn't feel like you have a shoe on. Then you might be able to shop around for deals (Amazon and Zappos have good selections).
  8. Glad things are progressing - even though it may be slower than you want. And nice Spinal Tap reference!
  9. Like Trish said, diet is so important at this stage too - calories out have to be greater than calories in to lose weight. Running helps with the calories out, but you still need to focus on calories in too. I remember reading about weight loss and exercise on numerous forums and inevitably one thing stuck out on each of those forums - people saying "weight loss happens in the kitchen". Keep up the running, it definitely helps, but really track what you're doing for meals too. I've been running since the end of June, and I'm down 18 lbs., but that's really because I also have been watching what I eat (no more snacking on kids treats while putting together dinner - and when my body needs a snack at night, I'm more apt to go for a piece of fruit over ice cream...although I cheat sometimes ). It all comes with time. Plus, it takes a long time to put on weight...takes as much time to take it off in a healthy manner. You'll eventually notice size changes as you stick with the program - just keep running!
  10. This hit me too when I started going longer distances. I've been using BodyGlide and it's helped a bunch. I tried the BandAid fix for my nipples after one busted open one morning (ouch!) but I sweat pretty profusely and couldn't get it to stick. There are different BandAids and some I think work better than others, so that might be worth a try too. I even read that some people use moleskin to help (haven't tried this either as the warning about it is that it sticks fiercely). I'm pretty liberal about the BodyGlide. I also found that a tight fitting compression shirt helps too (less shirt movement means less chances to rub and chafe).
  11. Ran my first 5K today - had to walk one short stint as I hadn't been training for hills and one got me, but I made good time for how I've been running. Broke 35 minutes (by one second
  12. Way to go Momma B! I know I didn't do the 2 miles in 20 minutes...still building up my speed a bit now well passed the graduation of the C25K. The program is really geared more towards endurance building rather than speed...with endurance the speed will come. Great job!
  13. Never mind - I saw the lock (didn't know you ahead to start the workout first).
  14. That's weird - I don't see the lock button (running on an iPhone) and the app is up to date.
  15. i don't think the app works running in the background or when the phone is locked. It has to be opened and active in order for the voice prompts to work. If the app is in the background, the time still counts, but it needs to be active with the phone not locked for voice prompts to work.
  16. No problem - keep us posted what you find out!
  17. Hi Minnie - it might be worth checking with a podiatrist (no one here will be able to give you any kind of diagnosis) - I have a planters fibroma on my left foot (it'll never go away without surgery) and my podiatrist has me wear orthotics in my shoes now (I run in them as well). The orthotics offer support so the condition won't become more painful or worsen. But, like I said, it might be best to check with a specialist.
  18. Everyone has their bad days - like Trish said, "Back on track and keep going" - you got this!
  19. I think you've gotten some great advice (and don't beat yourself up for the short stops - you're doing great!). The music and putting the phone away definitely helps - mine is strapped to my arm and I can't see it (it's really only there for good reception with my cordless headphones...nothing else). You may be running a bit faster than you can right now...slowing the pace may help. Speed will come - but you're working on endurance with this program. Just remember - you're getting out there and moving - that's always a great step!
  20. SteveJ

    hip pain

    Good job! I have found that a foam roller really works the kinks out of my muscles when they're achy - my hips have started hurting a bit more since I started the 10K portion of the program, but the foam roller does wonders - really helps to knead out the aching muscles (great on the calves too!).
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