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  1. So we've all been through it. Getting to the end of our run and we only have about 4 minutes or so left but you're getting tired. What is the song of your choice to get through that hurdle? What really gets your blood moving and brings your spirit up, telling you that "YOU CAN FREAKING DO THIS!!!!" I would really love to hear everyone's go to song, no matter how "weird" it might be. For mine, I listen to Korean pop when I run and my go to push song at the moment is "Good Boy" by g-dragon and taeyang. Even if you don't know Korean, the beat is just so nice to pound the pavement with.
  2. I did it! I finished the week strong (I started it over on Monday like SteveJ recommended) and today I finished w6d3 for the first time, without stopping! I kept having to push myself but knowing that the community is here really motivated me, so thank you!!! Now just looking at all of next week and I need to pump myself up again for Monday, lol!
  3. Have you noticed any difference in your clothes and your body when your looking at it in the mirror? If so, don't worry you're losing somewhere. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat so you might be losing fat and gaining muscle in the end. If the isn't the case, perhaps you need to do something on your off days like walking a couple miles. It's great that you're running three times a week, but if you aren't doing anything on the other 4 days then you're not going to see much change. I run Monday, Wednesday and Friday and walk on Tuesday and Thursday, my weekends are pretty much me doing basic day-to-day things like cleaning and maybe going out with friends and I have seen some change in my body. Not much weight on the scale coming off, but I am definitely losing. You'll find your comfortable spot, don't worry. Keep up the great work btw, I bet your body feels so much better.
  4. hi everyone, I have been lingering on here since I updated the app a month ago or so. I want to say it is you guys that got me through W5D3, but now I'm having a hard time with W6D2. Those double runs just get me so bad. Before when I would get tired with D3 of W5 I would just tell myself "10 more minutes and you're done!" But now I'm afraid to move on from W6D2 because I'm struggling SO much with it. I've tried adjusting my breathing and I'll be fine for a couple minutes, then I start panicking I guess...my mind just trips into the old breathing pattern and idk why. Today is another run day and I'm trying to decide if I should stick with D2 until I get it or I should just move on to D3 and keep going (I've already done D2 twice). Any tips/motivation anyone can give? I don't know why 10 min is so hard when I've done 20 min already!
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