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  1. Way to go! That's a big mental victory. It'll make the next one that much easier.
  2. Hi - welcome and way to go! It's your first step and you can do it! I'm not extremely experienced (I'm in week 6 right now) but I remember these same feelings. You can do this (I know anyone can if I can). In terms of running in the morning vs evening, I think it should be what fits best for you. I think I remember reading that running in the morning can help boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss, but my attitude has always been that the best way to lose weight is in the kitchen (calories in have to be less than calories out). Of course the running will help you be more fit and definitely helps you feel better! That being said, I'm a morning runner. I wake up, have a small glass of water, and get to it (I haven't eaten before my runs in fear of getting an upset stomach during the run). I know personally that after a day of work and busy activities I'd never fit running into my nighttime routine - I'm too burnt by the end of the day to want to worry about a run. And honestly, the morning run really charges me for a good day - I actually feel like I have more energy to get through the day. But, you know you better than anyone else and what's best for you is what's going to fit in your schedule and allow you to get out there. I'm running my first 5K in September for Breast Cancer as well - great cause! You have this - these forums are FULL of support and motivation. Just keep running!
  3. Way to go - it's good to hear that you have a plan going forward and that the injury is manageable. You're progress and perseverance has truly been an inspiration (I remember when I was in the 'lurking' days reading your stories and repeats of weeks and thinking 'This guy has that determination - what an inspiration'. Here's to hoping that the injuries heal quickly and that you continue with that great spirit!
  4. Awesome job Hermes - I got a chuckle about your 'tortoise' comment in your thread
  5. I've also been totally unsuccessful at uploading a profile pic...I got it to the right size but always get the 'never-ending twirling arrows' saying my pic is being uploaded. Does it take a while to upload the picture?
  6. You've done so well so far and that's a wonderful accomplishment! I think I've seen a lot of people here repeat entire weeks. Maybe if you did the W6D3 run and completed it, it would give you confidence again and allow you to repeat week 6 and get through the entire week successfully. Maybe trying to slow your run pace just a bit too - that tends to help me with those longer runs (the interval runs get me too, but I tend to run faster during those shorter runs, so maybe you're just going too fast during those runs right now). Maybe if you treat it as one long run...pace yourself for a long run mentally and then once you reach the end of the interval, you'll have gas in the tank left. Good luck - you got this!!!
  7. I run in the morning (actually haven't run in the evening so I wouldn't know if I can run more then). My warmup is a pretty fast power walk...I get my legs moving and my heart rate up as fast as I can and that seems to wake me up. I only stretch after my run (I don't stretch before I've started my warm up because I don't want to stretch a tight muscle and my the time I've done my 5 minute power walk I'm not in a place to stretch so I run). But if it's more of a chore for you to run in the morning and you really enjoy running in the evening, you don't want to do something that will prevent you from wanting to get out there and run. So when all is said and done, I think it's really personal preference.
  8. You got this! You've come this far...you have the app - now you just have to get outside and move. Take it slow - listen to your body...it will tell you what you can and can't handle. If you have to repeat weeks, it's totally fine (that's what is so great about this app - you move on when you're ready). There will be tough days and there will be great days...but as long as you keep moving, you can do it!
  9. MI is awesome - I've only been running in my neighborhood so far, but we have some nice trails in our city to run - I'm sure I'll get there soon. Actually really looking forward to fall runs in MI.
  10. I'm a 240 lb man and I rarely am brought to tears (sorry...stereotypical man here). But today was different... I remember looking at this day and dreading what it was going to be like...how am I ever going to make 20 minutes? I remember reading the struggles of people on this forum with this day and reading about those who had to repeat it (by the way, those of you that have repeated weeks have been a true inspiration - you are the epitome of perseverance...you didn't quit, instead you looked for motivation and inspiration and tips of how to make it through this day). Today, however, I was almost weeping (I didn't though...remember, stereotypical man). Surprisingly, it wasn't at minute 20 when that wonderful voice said 'begin your cooldown'. Instead it was around minute 13 running past my house. At that moment a flurry of thoughts went through my head - 'I got this', 'I can't believe I have this much energy in the tank right now', and the one thought that I hadn't had to this point 'Today, I am a runner'. I know, I'm 5 weeks in, and I consider this whole group runners - we get out there and move, and that's the important point. We don't let the struggle get us down - we keep moving. But my body today threw signals to my head at around minute 13 that was something I haven't felt yet in these 5 weeks. Week 5 Day 3 is accomplishable - it's a mountain to climb, but we climbed that first mountain of Week 1 Day 1 and started...and I'm here to say that if I can do it, anyone can! I think this day is as much of a mental challenge as it is physical. You have to know you can do it. Physically, I set my pace a bit slower than I have been during the interval runs, knowing I wasn't going to get that walk rest until cooldown. I knew I needed to have enough gas in the tank to keep going for the 20 minutes. Mentally, I told myself 'You got this - today, you are a runner'. Keep running everyone! And if you don't do it the first time, persevere. Chalk it up as a mountain you just have to climb next week, because eventually, you will. And it's a great view from the top.
  11. Hey Brian - I was in the exact same boat, just started running after very little sustained exercise. My first run was in old basketball shoes (man did the blisters hurt that day!). The advice I read was to try and get fitted for good running shoes - try and get to a running shoe store where they do a gait analysis and they'll tell you what shoe is best for you based on your walk. It has made the world of difference. Expect to pay a decent amount for a good pair of shoes (about $80-$120) but it is a great investment compared to getting hurt. My running shoes have done a world of good. I live in small town USA with a running shoe store right in town, so I would anticipate that you shouldn't have much trouble finding one to get properly fitted. Good luck and way to go!
  12. Hi fellow C25Kers - started the program 4 weeks ago (just finished week 4 day 3 this morning in my first rainy run). Been going good so far (although I'm a bit scared of next week...). I'm 41 and my weight has fluctuated dramatically all my life - in grad school I was at a great weight after a life style change, but slowly put on the pounds as my family grew (so hard to find time to exercise and eat well with two young boys in the house). I've decided enough is enough and I'm getting back in shape with another lifestyle change. So I figured, why not running? I wasn't a huge fan, but I know I need exercise in my life, and this plan looked perfect to ease into getting exercise back in the routine. So far, I've taken off 10 lbs (goal right now is to lose another 40 and go from there, that'll be the same weight I was at back in grad school). I'm also getting ready to register for my first 5K in September. The stories posted here have been extremely inspirational and I hope to add to the community and help to motivate (and be motivated) as we keep running on. Thanks for the great forum!
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