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  1. Oh! And I have a giant mosquito bite on my temple.
  2. After a few false starts due to weather and other unexpected circumstances, I finally did Week 1 Day 1. My shins are killing me and I think I swallowed at least a dozen gnats, and I will admit that I walked and stretched during one running segment, but all in all I think it was a success. Not too many people had to be subjected to my too-short running shorts. I think that I need to get those sport insoles for my sneakers, though. I can't afford a new pair.
  3. Thanks, Steve. I've made some great changes in my life and starting to take care of myself (at the grand age of 44) is part of the metamorphosis. I decided that I am going to make 45 "fabulous," although I should have gotten a much, much bigger head start on it.
  4. I finally managed to wrangle myself into the largest sports bra that I could find in New England, put on a knee brace and bit the bullet. I drove to our local track and that's when the downpour started. I have fine fantasies about being a runner. In real life, though, I'm not truly enthusiastic about it. There is a sign above my desk at work that says "I don't run. If I'm running, you need to run too, because something is chasing me." I was trying to beat the rain, but no luck. What do you do when it rains? Run anyway? I'm sitting in my car hoping for a break in the weather. There is a significant possibility that if I go home, that will be the last of these grand ideas.
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