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  1. A few days ago I made my 3rd attempt at WK6 D3 and had to stop after a few strides. The dreaded shin splint got me. I'll be biking until it heals.
  2. So a few days ago I set out on the 22 minute run. Broke down after 7 minutes. Tried again after a day's rest. Barely made it to 5 minutes before I had to start walking. I'm really peed off. How come I could do 20 minutes non stop in week 5, then do so poorly on wk6 d3? Very disappointed!
  3. Great! Congrats! Especially considering what I said made absolutely no sense!
  4. Absolutely right, KellyAnn. Duh! What was I saying/thinking?
  5. Definitely doesn't get easier. I think what happens is that you get motivated with each successful session and you become more mentally tough and so are able to push on through. Keep going! You'll get there.
  6. That's great! Congrats! 35 minutes with some walking is not bad. Faster than me anyway.
  7. Completed day 2 of week 6. It wasn't too bad. Funny how sometimes the more difficult sessions feel easier than the "easier" ones. So far the 20 minute non stop run seemed easier than the sessions where there's quite a bit of walking. Now I'm resting up for wk6d3. That's gonna be tough (I think).
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