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  1. Just finished week 6 day 3. I am proud of myself for running 22 minutes without stopping but was unable to get close to 2 1/4 miles... So frustrating. I honestly don't think I could do 2 1/4 even if I slowed pace down. Do I keep moving forward?
  2. I slayed this today. But question for all of you--- in your 20 min, were you able to run 2 miles? Because I can tell you. I did not. Still trying to feel accomplished though. Quick story- a young girl 19 yrs younger than me, from work asked to run with me today. I was scared of this day to begin with and now this young girl wants to run with me? How could I do this? I was so worried and afraid I would embarrass myself. But I did it! Not fast, but I did it.
  3. I will be attempting this in the next day or 2. I don't know, it seems like quite a jump but I will try. I keep telling myself "I just lapped that guy sitting on the couch" haha. Whatever it takes, right?!
  4. I'm dreading this run! Next on my list. Good job!!! I hope I can do it.
  5. Correction: just finished day2. Day 3 is next Oiy!
  6. just finished week 5 day 1 and I looked ahead to day 2 and 3! I may need some motivation to run 2 miles without stopping.... Seems like quite a jump from today. Lord- give me strength! HELP!!'
  7. What do y'all do with your phone while you're working out? Do you just hold it in your hand? Starting tomorrow.
  8. Hi everyone. I am almost 47 and have gained about 20 pounds in last 2 years, which I am not happy about. Last year I attempted a 5 K with very little training and ended up walking most of the way. After that, I felt like a failure and decide now is the time to get back into shape. Planning on starting tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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