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  1. My legs are killing me they feel like they did way back on week 1, this is a major step up!
  2. Can't believe ive done it, not bad for a 52 year geezer!! There has been problems along the way but gritted my teeth.My legs feel so much stronger, 10k app here we come! Fantastic app!!
  3. Just finished week seven! One week to go not bad for a 52 year old!
  4. I'm on week 7 day 3 to go and I'm 52! My legs are killing me but I'm hanging in there, you do same
  5. Just completed mine, , week 5 day3! Not as bad as I thought even did it in the rain! My calves are a little sore though
  6. Just finished week four and now I'm starting to have mild cramps in my calves, any ideas?
  7. Week four completed! Still getting mild cramps any ideas?
  8. Now on week four day one complete. .just!! Think I got cramp in my calf with a minute to run but managed to complete. Bit nervous about my run tomorrow still a bit sore.
  9. So far so good, not doing bad for a 52 year old geezer! Do so enjoy doing this and I honestly don't know how far I'll go,keep you posted.
  10. I'm new to this as well, good luck
  11. Here I go then, 52 year old bloke giving it a go.
  12. Hi im a 52 year old chap and im ready to give this a go! I will keep you posted. John.
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