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  1. It sounds like you're doing a great job already! And as you mentioned in the post, you've signed up for a 'fun run' so focus on that - having fun! The people you see may have been running for much longer than you have - you can only worry about yourself and your improvement. If during your runs right now you aren't picking up your legs as others are, I wouldn't worry about it too much as long as you aren't injuring yourself with your form. I know I have a small leg pickup, mostly to protect against too hard of impact on the road and potential injury. There's a lot of reading you can do about proper form and what form will help you prevent injury as you run farther and longer - I would focus on this advice rather than trying to look like the other runners you see (you'd be surprised to read that some of them may be doing it wrong ). You've signed up for your first run - enjoy that time. You don't get another true 'first run' (although if you enjoy it you'll get new 'firsts' in distances). Just do what feels comfortable for you now. If your current stride gives you the ability to run longer, then use that to your advantage right now. It'll help you build endurance. Week 5, Day 3...the dreaded 20 minutes! Just take your time, and slow and steady ALWAYS wins! I can still remember that day... Have fun at the 4K and be sure to let is know how it goes (both the 4K and W5D3)!
  2. I would focus on time running rather than distance (the distance assumes that you're running a pretty decent pace and you may not be to that yet). Focus on endurance before you worry about speed. The speed will come. I don't think there a lot of people who finish the program in 8 weeks that can run a 5K in 30 minutes (at least I know I couldn't when I finished the program). I felt the program did a great job on endurance building and then when you feel ready, you can look into picking up the pace with interval training (but as always, go slow as you introduce new training regimens to minimize injury risk). For now, just work on time and you'll get to distance. Great job everyone!
  3. Hi - you have to access your profile from a computer to be able to add a picture. On the upper right corner of the website when you log in, you'll see your username, click on that and go to 'My Profile'. There will be a blank image with no picture, but if you click on the picture you can change it there. The image has to be pretty small for it to upload to the site. Hope this helps!
  4. Exactly what Speedingsloth said...trust the app and program. You'd be surprised at what you can do. Slow and steady...
  5. Glad to hear you like the Apple Watch KellyAnn - I've been looking for a decent review from someone and have been on the fence. It seems like a nice watch...my biggest concern with the Apple Watch is that it keeps you so connected to everything else (I'd worry that I'd be getting notification after notification when running has become my zen where I crank my tunes and ignore all other technology and 'unplug' for a bit). Actually thinking about a Garmin running watch for my next 'upgrade', although my Fitbit Charge HR is still ticking great. I did have a problem with the floor counter (I was getting over 100 floors registered during times where I could verify I wasn't climbing a single one...contacted Fitbit since it was less than a year old and they sent me a new one without any issues - you're right, great company and great customer service!)
  6. Sounds like you're doing good so far. I've seen many on this site redo weeks - you just want to persevere. Listen to your body - you will know best what you can do. But it also doesn't hurt to try and see if you can do the next week - you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish! You've already started to build endurance...it's just a slow and steady pace that you need. Also remember to not run to fast. If you can go slower, you're going too fast. You should feel like you can have a conversation without much effort. Good luck and good job!
  7. Great job and great hardware for your hard work!
  8. Great job Rob! Right there with you - I have a 10K in April and signed up for my first half in September (wanted to give myself plenty of time over the summer to train well).
  9. Good luck - Rest is important too...be sure you listen to your body - it will tell you whether you're doing too much.
  10. These are some awesome and inspirational stories! I think if you are in touch with your doctor and she/he gives you the green light, go for it. Just take it one run at a time!
  11. As WkndWarr said, it is really beneficial to go to a running store and get fitted (at least for that first pair). They should look at your gait and should be able to fit you in the right type of shoe for the best stability and experience. If you wear orthotic inserts, make sure you tell them that too (I wear them and have them in my running shoes) - you don't want to get overcorrected...a neutral shoe is best with orthotics since the orthotics are giving you the support you need.
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