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Accountability Buddies!!

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Yes. Shannon.


I sooooo asked for this today in email and they added it here. I am so excited this is here. Thank you ZenLabsFitness. This is great.


OK everyone. Here we go. As a Moderator here, let's rock 2015!!!!!!! I need to lose like everyone else.


So, what I am thinking is. Post your workouts daily here, how are you feeling?, you name it. Let's hold each other accountable for the new year.


We can do this together. Don't post what you did anywhere else on other topics if you want accountability. This is the BOARD we all want to go to. Then, if you need another Topic/Board, then go there and post.


Let's do this everyone. Thanks ZenLabsFitness for adding this. This is great.


We begin everyone. Post away and help each other along. We got this. I need it as much as you do. GO!!! If you are on MyFitnessPal, please post you name. I am Kellyannbarr1


I am Week 7, Day 1, 10k App on Monday. Post what and where you are. Hugs everyone.


2015!!!!!! Yay.

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New to running again after 20 years (just turned 40), life, kids, major knee injuries,etc. Going to take it slow and try to listen to my body, but it's hard when your body says "go back!! Go back!" How do you get past that and a unhelpful bipolar hubbie? I want to di this! I have this crazy dream if running a Disney half marathon someday. I would love to run with my 6 1/2 yr old boy who has done and liked the kiddos "final mile" & really liked running. He's ADHD and activity it's wonderful for him. Anyone got any helpful thoughts for all or some of this.

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Amy, right on!!!  So excited for you!  Love your crazy dream!! LOVE IT!   Can't wait to see how you progress! <3


In regards to "any helpful thoughts" ...

Not sure this will help, yet I can share from personal past and present experience:  

1) When my life-numbing voice spoke up: 

"don't feel like it today" 

"turn around... return" 

"I can't ..."

"this is too hard, too early, too late, too tired, too busy"  [etc...]

"your not as young as you used to be Shannon"  [eye-roll]

"I'll start Monday <insert whatever day it is for you here>"  [my popular go too]

EDIT during my W1D2 run today: "I don't have the right running outfits/gear! I look ridiculous."  [am I running naked? No! Are you warm?  Yes! Well then. hush, and carry on!].  ... made myself laugh at me today! LOL

Push past.   It is as simple as that.  Once I pushed back once, the second time became easier and that adds up. Also committing to the same time each day supported me in staying on track. When I experienced a setback and could not follow through, I'd simply run later that day, or skipped and picked up the next day. "Progress not perfection".


2) I learned that there is a world of support present everywhere, outside home, and it's up to me to simply reach out - either at a gym, or online, (no matter where we struggle there are groups out there to support - online and offline). I have only to open myself up and jump in.  The really cool thing?  When I jumped in ... people jumped in to support me AND eventually, so too did my family.  


As far as running at night ... what works best for you? When is it most convenient? When do you feel the most inspired?   I prefer early morning - I love being a part of nature waking up, and seeing folks heading into work. I also enjoy how it defines my morning and sets the tone for the rest of the day for me.  I've noticed just as many who love; who are invigorated by an afternoon or late evening run!  :)


ps.  I'm getting back in the saddle again too.  I am returning to what worked in the past for me, AND also adding in the new. :) Mainly, I am determined to re-connect and stay connected.  Can't wait to see what I learn this go-round!

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My thought is we each make our own thread to chronicle our journey and oithers are welcoime to chime in. We do that on my fitness forums and it works fantastically. THis way you can scroll back through all the detrails of your own journey, as can anyone else for anyone specific.


I was wondering if there was a place I could do this on here! What a fab idea! 

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I concur with Az and Missy. Is it possible to keep one person's progress ALL in one individual thread so that we can see where they started and what they have achieved vs. searching for threads across many pages?  I was trying to back track on a few members to see where they started, what they experienced, (struggled with and overcame).  It is probably wayHAY easier than I made it.  I'm still learning my way around these forums.  :) It's fun exploring.

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Im in need of an accountability buddy. Im from

Alabama, and im taking a stand today to change my life habits i want to creat frriendships that can help with my process. I reply more to texting so if youd like to partner up in on accountability text 3346555120

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Guest Brandy norton

Just signed me, my kids and two friends up for our first ever 5k color run. We are super excited but we are def not in shape so thought this would be a great motivater. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated

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Hi everyone! 

Feel free to start your own individual posts inside the Accountability topic! It is very helpful to post and describe your progress and feelings, very much like a diary or journal. You can then look back and see just how far you have come! 


This particular post can be used to find fellow friends to help keep you on track.


Special shoutout to our fabulous moderator KellyAnn for keeping the forums a friendly and safe place! 

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Hi everyone! Today is my first day and I definitely need some accountability buddies! I live in Michigan and it's really crappy outside today, do you think it's ok to jog in place indoors, for today?

Outside is where you will run your first 5k so outside is the best place to run, then indoor track, treadmill and I guess if you can jogf in place why not. ANYTHING is better than sitting on your butt!!

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I am so excited about all this thank you Kelly for inviting me. Yesterday was my first run, today is my skip day and tomorrow will be my second run and I am looking forward to it thank you all for being here. Today is also my second day on the Atkins diet. I am so happy about all the support here and hope I can help others too.

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