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  1. Good for you for getting it looked at! I hope you heal quickly! I'm sure you'll be back to running in no time. Did she say what might have caused it and/or how you might be able to prevent it in the future?
  2. @dgirard: what kind of shoes do you wear when you run? It's most likely related to that. Also could be the surface on which you run. My husband always scolds me when I run on the sidewalk cuz it's harder on your joints, etc than the street/blacktop. Be careful - shin splints HURT
  3. Congrats on finishing week 1 and on getting better shoes What kind of pain are you feeling in your knee? Is it sharp or dull? Throbbing? Does it only hurt when you run or do certain things, or is it constant? You might want to check with your doc or a physical therapist just to be sure. You might also look into getting your gait analyzed by a running shoe store, if you have such a specialty store in your area and see what they say/recommend. I've had knee problems in the past. Sometimes just resting for a day and maybe icing that area can help alleviate the pain. Other times, for me, I've had to do some extra strength training focusing on the muscles surrounding my knees.
  4. Maybe integrate running into your study breaks? Exercise helps A LOT in reducing stress! Even a quick run around the block can help.
  5. Welcome to the community! Great group of very supportive and encouraging folks Best of luck to you on your first day Monday! Consider some strength training on your non-running days Even if it's something simple like doing some pushups, etc. It will help you get stronger and work your other muscles that you don't necessarily use for running.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS to you! That is a HUGE accomplishment! And Insanity is NO JOKE! Keep up the good work
  7. I typically do some strength training or flexibility work.
  8. A 33-min 5K is not a bad pace at all! Most races I've seen or participated in have a 15-min/mile pace minimum requirement, and you're just under 11 min/mile, so you'll be fine! I'm at about the same pace as you, and I'm NOT a runner (nor have I trained much other than with the 5K app). Perhaps this will give you some confidence: I just ran my first 10K a couple weekends ago, and I'm 6 months pregnant (again, not a runner). My time was horrid, but my goal wasn't to get a great time; it was to finish without assistance or getting "swept." We (my husband and I) walked a LOT of it, and I'm pretty sure I breathed thru my mouth the whole time (breathing heavy is my norm these days lol), but we did it! If I can do it, you TOTALLY can!!! You might pleasantly surprise yourself to discover you're not the slowest one out there. So I say GO FOR IT! Keep training, and so what if you don't finish the 10K training. You'll do fantastic anyway, and you'll be glad you did it. "Stretch goals" and challenging yourself is totally worth it, expecially when you get that medal
  9. Oh and I almost forgot, if you are interested in any of the runDisney races and they sell out, there are usually plenty of other legitimate places to get bibs - like through Team in Training or a participating charitable organization. I just found this out recently. The charitable organizations may require you to meet a fundraising goal, but then you can feel like you're giving back instead of simply participating in these fun races for your selfish enjoyment I highly recommend them as a bucket list item. They tend to be pricey but they are worth experiencing! Plus the bling is pretty cool lol
  10. You asked for it, okay I'll post pics. We havent' gotten our act together for costumes, so unless I put my hair up in Princess Leia buns, it won't be anything fancy But I'm SURE there will be plenty of fun people to take pics of BTW, ALL runDisney events sell out on the FIRST day of registration...so the trick is to find out WHEN registration day is
  11. I've always hated running too! But it is quite addicting, especially when you become brave enough to run in an event. BTW, don't let those intimidate you. Most of them are super fun with great energy Good luck to you and congrats on your progress so far!!
  12. Just curious if any of you are heading to Anaheim, CA for the fun festivities/races this weekend? My husband I will be running in our very first 10K on Saturday morning. As a huge Disneyland nut AND a huge Star Wars fan, I can't wait for this weekend!!! Even if it ends up killing me lol
  13. You're doing great! We all have days that disappoint us; how we deal with it can determine how successful we are. Don't let it get to you - one day at a time, one step at a time I hope you didn't beat yourself up too badly about the pizza either...it happens. The important thing is you are making an effort and are recognizing what's healthy for you...and the rest of the day you did great with your food! That cottage pie sounds yummy!
  14. Good for you for finishing your first day!! There are no stupid questions in here - we're all here to help Go as fast as you feel comfortable, and gradually increase your speed and/or incline when using a treadmill. Best of luck to you - please keep us posted on your progress, and feel free to ask any other questions as they come up
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