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  1. I do thankfully Trish! But I have banged it so many times today and because of where it is it keeps opening up, then I can't stop it bleeding again!
  2. Thank you sdbeachgirl! Unfortunately, due to a food prep accident Week1 Day 3 did not happen last night..... I decided to make some coleslaw to go with my chicken for after my run. Got the food processor out of the box reached back in to get something and my middle finger met a very sharp unused slicer blade. It has gone straight through the top of my finger and the nail. Not very pleasant and very sore. Hope to get out tonight for the run instead
  3. Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. I am feeling more positive today but have decided to have a total rest day. Got weighed today and I surprised myself! Only put on half a pound over Christmas! Even with the pizza!
  4. Week 1 Day 2 - 5th Jan Well today was not so good..... Went for my run tonight and everything just felt wrong. My calf's hurt, as did shins, my feet felt numb and my left knee was twinging. I manged very little jogging not even a full 60 seconds. I did fast walk but after the success of W1D1 I am feeling bummed out and frustrated. Got home stuck some sweet potato in to roast and jumped in a really hot bath. Feeling more relaxed now. A friend popped round today and bought lunch, very nice of them and I was most grateful but, knowing my 15 year old was still off school, he bought pizza hut . I was starving so had 2 slices but kept to the thin crust. He was not to know I was watching what I ate. Today is the start of our No Meat Mondays dinner - A vegan friend gave me a recipe for cottage pie can't wait to try it. Breakfast - Apple, Melon, Orange - Green tea Lunch - Pizza Dinner - Vegan Cottage pie - Carrots, Onions, Celery, Sun dried tomatoes, Green Lentils, Flageolet beans, Mushrooms, Garlic, Rosemary, Cumin and veg stock. 2 liters of water again today.
  5. Welcome Shaa! As above, just one day at a time! Look forward to seeing you progress
  6. Slimming World here but I only joined just before Christmas. I a tending to a tick tto protein and veg tho. Starting today we will Also be having No Meat Monday Will look up your blog once I get on the laptop Kellyann
  7. Just looked up IT band - never heard of it before! Hope the exercises help to ease it. The got to do something mentality is good, just a shame you are not 100% at the moment. I did all the Doctors do is throw pills at you Fingers crossed for fast healing
  8. How did I miss this? Nevermind I found you lol Awesome outlook. Can't wait till I start to look forward to a run. I know it will come because I have had it before. Congratulations on completing Week 6 Day 2! You must be a born runner, much better than being a gamer (xbox/ps4 etc) lolI really must find out more about Paleo, it has cropped up a lot just lately! Squat day......you are going to feel draggy tomorrow lol
  9. Thank you all! I believe in being honest and putting it out there. I wanted to post my stats so that I will be honest with myself. I am great at motivating myself at the beginning of a challenge but it does start to wane and I do not have the support around me to push me on - Not my Husbands fault as we are both busy people. I think I have found that support network here though Timb113 - I really hope that will be the case! Bad Backs suck huh Azatol - Thank you, you are too kind! I have accepted myself for who I am and I am OK with that, But these change I make I want to make, for me, Kellyann - Thank you for the words of encouragement Shannon - You are a star. I love your enthusiasm. I used to cope with life stresses via the gym when I was an Office Manager - The best way to work through problems! I certainly need that back in my life now. Thank you all for your kind words Hope your days have been good! Today Well today was supposed to be a rest day, but knowing myself I know I have to do something to keep my motivation. So I took myself off to the gym and had some gentle exercise on the Arc trainer - 5 minutes x2. and 3 mins on the hand bike. Today was also my second day of the 30 day plank challenge - 20 seconds does not seem like much but I could not do it.....scary to think I used to do 60 seconds no prob. Also did 40 stomach crunches while I was down on the floor! I should have mentioned in my first post I joined slimming world before Christmas - So I am following that on the diet side. Lunch was chicken breast with mixed veg Dinner - Omelette - Onion, mushroom, peppers, chicken with harrisa spices 2litres of water
  10. Feeling motivated

  11. Hey everyone! Thanks for looking in on me! A little about me - Female - 34 years old. 5 Foot 5 Inch - Around 16 Stone (Due to be weighed on Tuesday). I suffer pains daily in my back hips and knees, not to mention a lifetime struggle with depression. I know exercise is great for all these issues! A few years ago I was a regular gym goer and loved it, I was getting lighter and my moods were stable but my back was killing me. I was put onto tramadol and naproxen by the Doctor but investigations showed no reason for the pain. Since then my weight has increased and my self confidence has plummeted. Starting stats are Arms 15 Inch Chest 40 Inch Bust 45 Inch Waist 38.5 Inch Hips 45 Inch Thigh 30 Inch each Calf 18 Inch each I am a Wife and a Mother of two (15 year old and 3 year old) Husband works shifts and I work on the days he is off. I am also studying at college three days per week. So lots of reasons not to exercise......but I don't want to see it that way anymore! Week 1 Day 1 - 3rd Jan 2015 It was dark at 5pm - Which is great! It means no one saw me running down the road like a hippo. Joints seemed OK last night (Not too sore this morning either) my main issues were breathing and a strange pain in my throat. I did not complete all of the 60 second runs but did most of them. It was nice to be outside.
  12. Hey Timb113 - Wow sounds like you are doing great and progressing well! I am only just starting out so cannot offer any advice. However I totally identify with your comment above - I did not sport I could which did not mean I had to run lol I was a keen Javelin thrower and used to dread the winter months of cardio coach would put us through. I will look up Map My Run - Always great to find new ways to monitor improvement I wish you luck and health in your training!
  13. Love that we are going to be doing diaries! It is so interesting to see what others are experiencing! Well Done Shannon! You got through it, our mind can be our biggest adversary. I did not realise you had not long started too! We can do this lady!!
  14. Hey Shannon! Thanks for the reply. I have used MyFitnessPal before but not downloaded it on to my phone as I am following Slimming World, Maybe I will though! What a lovely outlook you have! I look forward to hearing more about you and how you are getting on too!
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