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  1. Hi Azatol and everyone thanks for welcoming me to your group. I'm not counting calories (should I be?!) I don't think it'll be necessary. I'm eating what I want on Paleo and staying within my MFP daily allowance without a problem. Had quite a startling moment in Asda tho. On paleo you really only visit the first two aisles of my local store, fruit and veg, followed by meat and fish. THEN YOU'RE DONE! All those years of grazing 28 aisles of rubbish!!! Really opened my eyes to the sheer volume of processed food and junk ive thrown routinely in my trolley, on autopilot for years
  2. Hi everyone, my fitness pal profile is diane1034 if anyone fancies buddy-ing up on that particular app. Good luck everyone with whatever your goals are ! X
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