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  1. I have thought about this and realized I should have been a little bit more specific. About the "what" you are eating lol One thing I do know, since you are doing so much running/exercising and working your muscles, you might want to pay attention to the protein portion of your diet. I don't get overly involved in the macros though. My buddy Tim said not to venture too far down that rabbit hole. Calories in vs calories out is the game changer. BUT protein is essential. That is the one macro I pay attention to regularly. In the morning, every morning in fact I make a smoothie. The rare exception is when I meet up with friends for brunch on the occasional weekend. Otherwise it's 1C of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, one frozen banana, 1T flax seed and 1 scoop of Garden of Life vanilla protein & greens. I put it in a NutriBullet and blend it all up nice and smooth. That's my breakfast. It keeps me from garbaging, and I don't get hungry for a couple hours. It's great when Target has bananas for 10 cents a piece lol I buy them out. It doesn't take long for me to peel, cut and ziploc bag them for the freezer. Anyways.... now that I've gone on and on and on my point was, once you have a week or so of tracking, look at your protein and see where it is at. It may just help?
  2. I have found the same thing to be true! Once I have been going for a while, and I mean a mile or so I start to feel way better. Like I could keep going and going. I am going to increase my warm up time and see how that works. I am guessing it will help.
  3. Try to find a balance... little bit of all the good stuff. Meat, fish, dairy, gains, vegetables and fruits. Well, all of the things you can eat out of those groups. Get myfitnesspal and have a look at how it breaks down nutrition/calories/macros. Use it for a week to just put in what you eat, not to make adjustments. Just a week to get a snapshot of your diet. Once I got food sorted out I feel loads better. Down 14 pounds and I eat like 6 times a day
  4. Just go back to the day you finished, click on it to start. It will warn you that all previous data will be lost. Tap yes and away you go!
  5. Good for you! Make sure your pulmonologist is aware of your new exercise routine. Take it slow, you will get there.
  6. Hello! I think the program purposely has rest days in between. I still “walk” on off days though
  7. There are a slew of them on youtube. They have some that are just full body workouts without weights. They are catered to be short in duration and you work your way up... have a look around you will find what works best for you. I use myfitnesspal too and love it. It sure keeps me accountable!
  8. Hello Nickib33! You are not useless lol everyone has different starting points. The one thing we all have in common is the journey itself! Hang in there, you got this.
  9. I don't seem to notice it in myself, but my jeans are saggy looking now and not in a fashionable way hahaha
  10. Hmmm... I don't track/map my route so I'm not certain. Could be poor GPS ?
  11. Keep resting! There are some nasty cooties going around. An extra day or two of rest will only help. Getting out too early could set you back. Feel better!
  12. Week 3 seems to be a big transition week for a bunch of us. You are making progress! Keep hanging in there!
  13. Nah, think of it as us running together!
  14. Best advice is to not give up! Take it one day at a time and keep trying. Celebrate the little victories. As long as you are moving you are not standing still!
  15. I imagine I will too lol But ya know something... when I started, week one was terrifying. Not anymore! Hoping I’ll get to look back at week 4 and say that lol
  16. I should be moving on to week 4 soon. Almost there
  17. Hey there Stacy. The time limit is “as long as you need”! I promise you, there are plenty of us repeating weeks many times over. Just keep moving, you will get there!
  18. W3D3 with a slight change. One thing I was having trouble with was the second 3 minute run. This was my sticking point. Today I decided to continue my last 90 second walk for another 60 seconds leaving me with 2 minutes to run instead of 3. It helped! Like tremendously! Just that little change and I was able to finish without walking that last 3 minute run. Another day or two like this and I’m moving to week 4.
  19. We so care. We’re your running family!
  20. Trying to pry myself out of bed lol Have a great weekend! It’s raining here so I’m headed for the treadmill. I really want to get past week 4 but I think it’s going to be week 3 for a while. Just have to keep reminding myself it’s ok!
  21. Calorie intake vs calorie burn is the only solution. Diet is 90% of weight loss.... You can't outrun your fork
  22. Have been giving this foam roller a whirl. I have to say I do love it! It definitely has helped. And, when I roll over it for my back I can hear it popping lol It has helped my calf and hamstring muscles... I'll keep using it and see how things go over a longer period of time. For right now I am happy with it!
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