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  1. I'm not quite 60 yet but running ahead of the calendar LOL I turned 58 last November and decided I wanted to get fit and be able to run... silly silly woman
  2. Anyone have a playlist they wanna share? I listen to albums and such but need some fresh ideas for mixes. One of my favorite training albums is Linkin Park's Meteora...
  3. Hi there! I'm a hiker/backpacker too and just starting this running journey.... heading to The West Rim in PA in September and hoping this will help!
  4. "Running a 5K" is on my goal list for 2019 as well! I walked a 5K last year on Thanksgiving Day and it was a lot of fun. My average mile was 19:01 so that is my benchmark. I signed up for one on St. Patrick's Day to see how I am progressing. I'm on week 2 of C25K. I repeated week 1 on purpose. So far so good. The weather here is not conducive to running so until it warms up and thaws out I'm using a treadmill.
  5. I repeated week 1 as well. I wanted to be certain I was settled in with that before moving on. One thing all of my "runner" friends have said about when they first start was it takes time... they all said repeating weeks was not a problem at all. As long as you are working it will come. I would like some advice for a new runner. My calf muscles get pretty tight. Any suggestions for a good warm up/stretching routine?
  6. How did it go? I did Week 2 Day 2 today. I felt pretty good but I need some help with stretching. My calves get very tight...
  7. Excellent! I restarted week one just to give myself a real chance at succeeding. Tomorrow I’ll be on Week 2 Day 1 Keep me posted on your progress!
  8. Hello! Just getting going with the app. Right now the weather here isn't fit for running so I am on the treadmill. I purposely restarted week one. Trying to make sure I am adapted before I move to the next week. This is all very new to me but I am determined to succeed!
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