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  1. yep we have quite a few spots not quite dried out yet. Of course all the wind overnight took care of that in short order. And we are back to single digit wind chill temps. I'll be staying inside on the treadmill for now!
  2. I agree. get checked out... it's worth having the doctor's opinion
  3. Today is an off day for me. I will be on Week 3 Day 3 tomorrow. I did my usual morning walk on the treadmill this morning. I don’t work weekends so I’m just doing the usual Saturday routine, laundry & cleaning. How’s everyone’s day going?
  4. It doesn't really "connect" to MFP. If you post your workout to MFP you will see it all the way at the bottom of the "diary" page under exercise. Fotbit connects and will automatically sync with MFP. This app will not.
  5. I hadn't seen this post or I would have replied sooner. I go backpacking & camping a LOT. I use this: https://www.amazon.com/Hiker-Microfilter-S-N/dp/B009T7IYIA/ref=asc_df_B009T7IYIA/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=242012186291&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15510471062286967889&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9015329&hvtargid=pla-455760388252&psc=1 It's very simple, no chemicals and after heavy use in waterways with a lot of sediment, or 3 to 6 months regular use you can just replace the filter. I've had mine for 20+ years.
  6. I finished Week 3 Day 2 today. My legs are a little tired but otherwise I feel pretty good. The last 3 minute run was hard! My calf muscles get so tight. Taking a walk seems to help loosen me up though. Keep working, we got this!
  7. I’m not a betting woman, but if I was.... I’d bet the farm on our success! WE CAN DO THIS!
  8. Welcome aboard You are miles ahead of me!
  9. Ahhhh! I had failed to mention something. After a couple months on the treadmill and getting ready to start C25K I went and got fitted (is that a word even lol) for a good pair of shoes. I went into the store with no preconceived idea of what I should get. I ended up buying a pair of Brooks Ghost 11 and let me just say.... never in my life have I had a pair of shoes that made such a huge difference! Best thing I could have ever done. There are all kinds of running shoes so go to a store that specifically sells running shoes. Worth every single penny too
  10. I repeated week 1 also and I am glad I did. I just started week 3 this morning. I honestly was surprised at myself. My legs are a litle tired this afternoon but that is alright by me... keep at it!
  11. not me either! I am really new to all of this...
  12. I was thinking about this question... and was wondering why you would want to change it to 4 days? Is it to shorten each day. meaning taking the 3 days of workouts and dividing them into 4? Or, keeping the same pace for 4 days overall? I think the way it's set up is to ensure rest days in between. You can always incorporate other things for the off days...
  13. The fitbit app will do this as well as myfitnesspal. Both of them are great together. I use myfitnesspal to track all my food and it syncs with my fitbit. You can put your food into either, I just prefer myfitnesspal since adding recipes is infinitely easier. Both apps track calories, macro nutrients and how much of a calorie deficit you should have. In all honesty, once I cleaned up my eating habits I get plenty of the right calories and am not feeling deprived at all. I've been losing the weight steadily now. For myself I don't advocate any of the trend diets like Keto... it can't be healthy cutting out an entire group of macros and for me it would never be sustainable.
  14. That is great! I’m really new to all this and don’t consider myself a “runner” yet, but I am getting there!
  15. Well done for sure! If your shins hurt, could be "shin splints" and they are ridiculously painful. Been there, done that. It has taken about 4 months to really get past that. Here are 2 things that have made a huge difference 1. Stretch, especially your calf muscles. I can't stress this enough. Make sure they are warmed up. 2. Try wearing calf sleeves. They do help. Good job and keep moving forward. Remember... a 7 minute mile and a 20 minute mile are still A MILE!!! You will get there.
  16. I have the same struggle wanting something sweet! I completely cut out everything except black coffee, tea and water as far as something to drink goes... I was a full on Diet Coke junkie lol For snacks I have been eating Kind bars, pistachios and occasionally popcorn that I pop myself on the stove. Every once in a while a little piece of dark chocolate. I use myfitnesspal to track everything. It seriously helps. If you come up with some good ideas, please share!
  17. Welcome aboard! I just finished week 2 after repeating week 1. Tomorrow I'll start week 3 and see how it goes. If need be, I'll go back and repeat week 2. I really want to be successful! Good luck to both of you and let me know how it's going
  18. That is excellent! I just replaced an old one I had. This one is a Pro Form. A little fancier than the last one. Same principle... it has a belt that goes round and ya walk on it lol
  19. Thanks for the encouragement! I am pushing AND being patient. This really is a journey.
  20. I had been walking pretty regularly for a couple months. Treadmill and weather permitting outside during lunch. Once I started c25k I realized good shoes were a necessity. I went to a local store that specializes in running shoes. I have quite a few friends who are runners and they all said go see the guys at “Second Sole”. First thing they had me do was walk barefoot. He measured me for size and brought out a half dozen boxes of shoes. I tried them on and tested some out on a treadmill in the store. I have a good arch, so my shoes are “neutral”. I bought a pair of Brooks Ghost 11. I tried on all kinds of different brands but these were amazing! I had no idea what a huge difference a real pair if running shoes would make. I went in with the notion of probably paying a hundred or more. These were $116 and worth every penny! Hope this helps!
  21. Oh excellent list! Thank you #55 is such a great song. Love Leona Lewis
  22. I'm hoping it starts to warm up here soon! I'm ready to get out and try the pavement
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