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  1. Quick question for you. I know your post was from February but I am hoping you are still around... when you started, were you in "decent" shape or an absolute couch potato? You said your fitness level was "average", what exactly is average? Thanks!
  2. Here’s one more video. This video is more of what I am looking for from foam rolling. There are so many. It’s a lot to sort through but I think it’s worth studying to find what works best. My daughter suggested yoga too. I have gone to a yoga class. It is a LOT harder than it looks lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw2sQK3rzG0
  3. I never heard of one either. Two of my runner friends both recommended using one. Here’s a video that shows one set of exercises using a roller. Going to give it a whirl.
  4. https://www.tptherapy.com/product/grid_foamroller Ordered one today... I had some Amazon credit left hanging around.
  5. Hello! It really is a very supportive community here
  6. I went back through posts and the most recent post in foam rolling was a question in 2015. Anyone use a foam roller? A couple people I know who are avid runners swear by them. After yesterdays run my shins and butt muscles are so sore! OMG lol Looking for a little advice to get stretched out. I am taking the night off. No treadmill tonight.
  7. I’ve been using a fitbit for a couple years but hadn’t paid as close attention to it as I have this past year with the HR. I’ve gone through several. They seem to have their problems. This one is great and coughs up a lot of useful info lol I do use myfitnesspal too.
  8. Outlook for next week is already trending warmer!
  9. I was just in AZ recently for vacation. Love it there!
  10. What a fun time this was! So my plan was to improve on my time from my first 5K on Thanksgiving 2018. That one I finished according to my bib time 1:00:08.74 (19:24/M). Today I finished 52:59.8 (17:05/M) I would say that was a pretty good job. I'll count it as a success. I also started my fitbit tracker about 18 seconds before I actually crossed the starting line. My tracker had me completing the race at 54:49 (I had to wait to stop it until I was past the crowd) with a pace of 16:43/M so I dunno lol I really didn't run much. I did "sprint" at times and honestly once I got going I felt pretty good. According to fitbit my last mile was on track for a pace of 16:01/M. The weather was down right cold! It was in the 20s at the start but the sun was shinging and it made for a beautiful day. At the half way point I ditched my gloves and headband. I was plenty warm Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement! This race was just what I needed to motivate me to keep working on this. I'll be scanning the websites for more races to sign up for this year. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
  11. Just keep working on it! You got this
  12. Welcome aboard! There is a great group of very supportive people here!
  13. The big show for me I am hoping is the Turkey Trot this year on Thanksgiving. Last year it was my first ever 5K and even though I walked it, that race was what put me on this path. I did run the last 50 yards. My cousin’s son was waiting for me after he had finished. He ran up next to me and said “come in finish big” and he ran with me across the line. It was awesome!
  14. 10 pounds is awesome. Good job! Keep working, your blood pressure will come down too
  15. Excellent advice to keep setting goals! Once I can “run” a 5k I’ll keep your advice in mind!
  16. I’ve read in more than one place that a cup of coffee in the morning before a workout/run is a lot of people’s “go to”. I don’t think an 8 ounce cup of coffee is a problem. It’s a problem if it’s more like pots of coffee or massive sized cups with tons of sugary additives. I vote to stick with the morning jo
  17. I read the last part and just started cracking up! I can just see me stripping off layers as I near the finish LOL I decided on a thin base layer, long sleeve t shirt and my north face. Bottoms are my leggings. And kilt of course lol
  18. Great job! Keep at it, you are doing great
  19. Looks like the snow is going to hold off but it is going to be cold! I’m stressing about what to wear. When I backpack, if I get warm I can take off a layer or vice versa if I get cold. Maybe someone can volunteer to pace me in case I need to swap out a layer hahahaha
  20. lol yes! I really did. Got them at Marshalls so you know they were a bargain
  21. With the weather coming in looking more like a polar bear run!
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