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  1. Walking or running you are doing a great job! You are movin!
  2. Hello Rosie! From what I understand, one of the schools of thought is "if you can run slower, you are running to fast". Also, the run/walk routine is supposed to be the best approach. Keep doing what you are doing and I think it will all fall into place!
  3. I'm always scanning the net for things to read, especially about this program. I like to hear success stories and read about other people's journey. It helps me quite a bit and this particular blog put things into a really nice perspective. It is well worth the read for sure! https://relentlessforwardcommotion.com/2015/01/couch-to-5k-good-bad-know-training-plan-right/ I had also read an interview with Josh Clark, the man who originally put the Couch to 5K together. In the interview, he said "The animating notion behind Couch to 5K is that anyone who laces up their shoes and gets moving earns the right to be called “runner” " This of course made me smile.
  4. Happy Birthday! Chocolate cake sound delicious!!!
  5. Good job on the run and even better that you sat yer behind down to recover so you didn't fall! Don't make me have-ta come up there!
  6. And that's what helps me keep going! People here that are like me... just doing what they can. Making it work. On a side note, I went out for a walk at lunch and realized I was well past my usual point where my shins start to complain. - big smile going on here right now -
  7. So finally my shins are feeling better. Not completely healed but very much improved. I went with W3D3 tonight. Once I finished I realized something. I can see why people give up. When I could see small improvements, like going from week 1 to completing week 2 I was so happy. Then I get into week 3 and man that last 3 minute run is killin me. So the struggle is feeling badly about it. It’s not like that feeling when you finish one and crush it. Make sense? I feel like I’m rambling here lol
  8. Thanks for the invite. I’m not on FB but feel free to post here anytime
  9. The fact that you are on this journey means you can’t mess up!
  10. It sure helps to find I am not alone in the repeat a week group!
  11. It is on line so it's just as easy to access as it is through the phone app! Stay in touch!
  12. As long as you keep forging onward! You got this..
  13. Welcome aboard! This is a great community here.
  14. I think the walk and run settings would be different for everyone. What may feel like running to one could be a fast walk to another. It would seem best to find your confort level and push just enough. If you go full tilt above and beyond your limit it may be more of a detriment than a help. I know my speed has improved since I started using a treadmill. Couple weeks and I’ll transition to the great outdoors when the weather warms up
  15. I think it would be hard to not keep in touch with people after sharing our struggles and triumphs through the program.
  16. Well, she or he only had this one post... I am guessing they didn't stick around and or didn't decide to go with the app. I think too there might be a lot of turn around on this forum. People may not get with the program and just disappear or once they complete c25k they don't have a use for the forum anymore. Not entirely sure... only guessing here.
  17. So tell me how that lost in thought thing works??? LOL
  18. Everyone I know that runs regularly say exactly that. Running is a mental game. I hope my self imposed rest doesn’t hurt the mental part of my training. The upside though is today when I woke up I felt more like myself. Not hurting. Come Saturday I am back to it.
  19. lol it most certainly is! And of course I will be subjecting myself to it again hahaha
  20. That’s a great way to ignore your program lol Enjoy!
  21. I am reading this and chuckling quietly... I know exactly what you mean about finally learning your lesson. I can be so stubborn sometimes lol
  22. I am beginning to think that I may need to rest my legs for a while. It's so disappointing but the pain is telling me to stop pushing. I'll definitely work the incline on my treadmill and when I am back to running I'll transition slowly over to being outside. Thank you for the info!
  23. The one thing I noticed after my 5K this past weekend was how different it was being on the pavement compared to the treadmill. I feel like I have "treadmill legs" and running on the pavement felt so awkward (for lack of a better way to describe it). In the interim I'm still dealing with ridiculously sore shins from Sunday. I don't know if I should keep moving or give my legs some time to rest...
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