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  1. This weekend I’m participating in a 5K/Guinness World Record Kilt Run. I’m excited and nervous too! I need some good vibes my way! My goal is to finish ahead of my 5K I was in this past Thanksgiving. I won’t “run” the whole thing but I sure hope to finish with some good stretches of running. Please! Send those positive vibes my way
  2. I have pockets in my leggings! Just big enough to slip my phone into and it’s totally secure. I have an armband too. I also use wireless/bluetooth headphones.
  3. I have to agree with ninja, habit is a big key. I struggle with motivation too. I started writing everyday. There are days I finish a stint on the treadmill and write about it knowing I can go back and read about it on a day I’m struggling. I write on the days I struggle too. It’s not always sunshine and roses lol Hang in there and keep working at it!
  4. This morning I went with W2D3 again. My first mile was 17:31 so I was really happy. It means I am moving longer/faster. I think going back to week 2 was the right decision. I had a talk with my cousin's son, my second cousin I guess he would be? lol At any rate, he was my biggest influence to really get moving. He lost 100+ pounds (I need to lose 20) and he said it took him all of a year to be able to run. When he started he couldn't run 300 feet let alone 3 miles. It was a good reminder to myself to stop being so hard on myself. I know I'll get there and have already made some great strides. The tough part is sometimes feeling like I'm not making enough progress fast enough. I don't want to give up!
  5. That is most excellent. Keep up the good work!
  6. Went back to Week 2 Day 3 this morning. Week 3 was just too much and I was walking more than running. I figured at least with week 2 I was completing all the running. One thing I have been trying to do is remind myself even small successes are successes.... it is still tough some days. Today is one of them.
  7. My morning coffee while I watch the news is an indulgence I just can't give up The other stuff, no big deal, but I'll keep the coffee lol
  8. Oh! And by the way... YES you can do this!
  9. Thanks for sharing this. My weight loss has hit a plateau. It is frustrating. I talked to a trusted friend about it and he said his weight loss was cyclical. He would drop a few pounds and hold steady, than drop a few more. It took him the better part of two years to hit his goal weight. One thing I do is use myfitnesspal faithfully. Every single thing I eat gets logged. The app helps me sort out macros, nutrition and calorie count. I don’t cut out any macro. What I did do was change my habits. It was a process. I only drink black coffee, tea or water. Unsweetened Almond milk in my breakfast smoothie. I eat 6 times a day lol Mostly the same stuff too. Chicken, green vegetables, eggs and fruit. If I want bread, it’s a whole wheat pita. I’m still working on this but it’s funny how I don’t miss the junk food at all. But I will have a little dark chocolate sometimes!
  10. Only you can really decide but if it helps any, more than a few of us have repeated a week. I don’t believe the program is a “cookie cutter” that everyone will fall into exactly. Go at your own pace! Don’t give up, you got this
  11. Was on the treadmill for my morning walk and kept it to 3mph. I was watching a climbing documentary on Netflix and before I knew it I had walked 2 miles. My shins didn't seem to hurt, but I didn't push it either. I figure tomorrow I'll try week 3 day 3 again and see how it goes. I definitely drink plenty of water. Sometimes I slosh when I walk LOL Hopefully I can keep moving forward. It's really hard to not feel down about it... in other news: It's FRIDAY!
  12. I'll drink to that! On the treadmill last night and my suspicions were confirmed... shin splints are back. I just cannot believe this. I don't honestly know what to do. I could cry...
  13. Welcome to the madness lol What exactly is a "Bubble 5K"?
  14. It is a "shocking" experience bahahaha
  15. "I can do this. WE can do this!" Yes we absolutely can do this!
  16. I repeated week 3 day 3 and tonight I'll be just walking briskly. I went on vacation and although went to a gym with a friend to use the treadmill that was the only day. I'm back home now and getting back to my routine. Tomorrow I'll start week 3 again. Oh, and by the way.... IT'S STILL SNOWING HERE! lol
  17. It is cold but won’t last. Spring is right around the corner. Once we get to St. Patrick’s day it’s just a matter of time. Daylight is longer and the temps will start a warming trend. Looking forward to it for sure!
  18. Oh I think you will get to where you can run 3 to 5 minutes! It just doesn’t seem like it right now. Hang in there. I’m doing week 3 again. The way it seems to me, is everyone has a different pace for adapting to running. You can do this! I believe in you
  19. Oh I’m sure that’s it. I just don’t have a solution lol
  20. * gives you her sternest look and shouts * Move it soldier! Let's go... now now now... Cracking up. Have a great day and let us know how things are going...
  21. When I started the program, I repeated week one. I did well the second time around. I did week 2 and felt pretty good. I just did W3 D2 and oh man... looks like I’m starting week 3 over on Wednesday My calves get so tight when I am running. During the second 3 minute run I started walking after the first minute. Ugh
  22. Ok all you treadmill people. I’m having a problem with static electricity building up when I am running on my treadmill. After rinning for a bit, if I touch the handles I get a little zap. Like when you shuffle your feet on the carpet and than touch someone LOL Any ideas? Other than intermittently touching the handles to discharge the build up. My guess is when it warms up and the furnace isn’t on this will stop. I’ve got a ways to go until that happens
  23. " I ended up going almost 6 k. It took me over an hour." I had to chuckle when I read this. It's like when I was using my app and I swear she said "begin running"... ummm nope. So I was running and omg kept thinking come on tell me to walk. Turns out this was the 5 minute cool down period
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