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  1. Hey there! I was in the Army about 5 years ago, and a week after I got out, I got in a wreck and ripped my knee to shreds. It was almost a year before I could even walk without worrying my knee was going to give out on me. In that time, not gonna lie, I got super lazy. Now I'm gunning up to re enlist and using this fitness program with my son to motivate me back into true fighting form
  2. This is such an amazing goal! You're doing a great job already, and you sound super motivated to continue! Idk who you are but I'm proud of you!
  3. I've got all the zen lab programs and all of them only have 3 days per week. Am I missing something? Doing something wrong?
  4. Dont know if you're still having issues but another big reason for cramps is dehydration. Try drinking more water during the day before your run and see if that helps.
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