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  1. My wife has been asking for a treadmill for a while now and I'm thinking of getting her one for her birthday. She's an avid runner and we live in a desert that's too cold to run in the winter and brutally hot to run in the summer. I'm torn on getting her a compact treadmill that's easy to store, or just commiting more space in the house to house an incline trainer. This is the incline trainer I've had my eye on. Does anybody have experience with it? I want to make sure she'll use it enough and I don't know if the incline feature is a daily, weekly, or whenever you're feeling it kind of thing. Advice or suggestions from the community is totally appreciated
  2. Best of luck to you! Weddings are great motivators. Just make sure to enjoy the day for the day no matter where you're at in your body when that time comes. Go get it though!
  3. Best of luck to you Jamie! I joined for similar reasons. Family is doing a 10 K in the Fall and I'm hoping to be ready for it
  4. Best of luck to you! I've also heard good things and hope that it pans out.
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