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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon got a reaction from laurenintrepid in Post your Workout for Today Here!   
    It is an excellent theory Az!
    A watched kettle never boils, or a watched pot never boils!  
    (ascribed to Poor Richard and/or Benjamin Franklin)   I wonder if Ben ran?  teehee
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon got a reaction from dairymaiden in kick starting   
    Hip hip hooray!!! Solid encouragement!
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon got a reaction from gnik1 in C25K: W3D3 - Three Weeks Already! It Goes So Fast!   
    I am still alive - just in case anyone missed me ... LOL  Computer will be gone for one more week, (I suck at texting responses from kindle, so I am waiting for my computer) and then I'll be back regularly to check in/update, AND check up on your YOUR updates - can't wait!!  I've missed reading and being inspired/motivated from updates, and contributing/responding as well!   Hoping all are doing wonderfully well!       CHEERS!! 
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon got a reaction from KellyAnn in "I've fallen and got up"   
    Hey Toonap, you're welcome, and awwwwww!!! I felt so badly for you! You are missing your runs!!!!   I love that quote too.  However, remind yourself that the worst run ever could also be getting back out there too soon, which means you possibly risk further injury, and more missed days of running.  Hang in there and as Nadara shared, listen to your body. <3
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon got a reaction from KellyAnn in Asking question for my sister   
    LOL Omgosh Kelly ... I keep learning new things here!  I couldn't resist looking up Monkey Butt Powder.     Mind you it is the only site that I read. It made me giggle, and for lack of a better word I thought, "Cool!!"  
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon got a reaction from HarleyMike in Week 3 day 2   
    Right on Mike!!!
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to pics4_65 in restarting life   
    Life got in the way some but w2d2 is done! My confidence is going with each work out.
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon got a reaction from KellyAnn in question   
    Hi Ricky, 
    Josh Clark (C25K creator) explains why easing into is important.  Full article here: No Pain, No Pain: The “Couch to 5K” and Humane Design
    Q: Would trying to do too much, too fast be the biggest temptation of the program? Patience is so incredibly important for new runners. As people discover that they actually like running and that they’re actually able to make progress, there’s a real temptation to jump ahead, to try to make that progress come faster. It’s important to resist that, to give your body a chance to get used to all this new activity.   Azatol (and many others here) explain it in more depth (better than the above quote, in my opinion), that is, the importance of resting in between days.  In the end though, it's up to you and what your body feels comfortable with. C25K is an excellent guideline!  
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to KellyAnn in help!   
    Hey Kie,  Getting the right shoe is of course the most important.  Is there a running store you can go to that will check out your stride and how you run, they can definitely steer you in the right direction as to which shoe is best for you..
    Keep us posted here and Good Luck!
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to KellyAnn in Advice needed!!   
    Hey, Let us know how you did!
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to running and smiling in nervous of running 10k   
    Hi I have taken some time but for past few months have been running a slow 5km..PB is 33mins...I want to start increasing distance but can only do 2 runs per week as a single mum..I've started doing body pump at home or walking to school with kids on other days and walked 16 miles yesterday yet running 10k makes me feel nervous...should I start at week 8...and just experiment with it..?
    I would like to do a10k in end of March..I am slightly  asthmatic and aneamic (on iron tablets for that)and sometimes find my breathing seems so heavy..is breathing heavy normal ?  
    .... also I'm not sure..I breath through my mouth when running should I now start training my self to use my nose? So..for lots to clarify xx
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to Christina95 in Hey guys! :)   
    Up from today I'm part of the community! I'm Christina, a 19 year old student from Germany. My goal is to get rid of my extra weight and also to do something for my inner wellbeing (which is a big advantage of running and every other kind of sports!)
    So today I started my journey which will hopefully lead to a 10km run soon. I accomplished w1d1 today and I feel great and very motivated after finally doing something for my health again. Since I graduate this spring I invest a lot of time into studying and need some activity to stay balanced. To be honest I can't image running more than like 2 minutes at once haha, but I hope I will surprise myself during the next weeks.
    I'm excited to listen to the stories and successful steps of everybody on here and to find some motivation to save me from giving up!
    Have a nice day everybody :-)
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to IndriSis in C25K Journey   
    Done my W1D2. Felt that this one harder than the first one. Maybe my body is adjusting again. I was panting and gasping, my mouth was wide open as I breathed, I dont think it was beautiful to see. Need advice for warm up stretching. Is walking enough for fill in the 5 min warm up. Thanks before.
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to spage in Oh man that was bad.....   
    So W1D3 done. We have the highs and lows of running. I feel great that I have done it. I felt that I could have done 90 secs jogging and 60 secs walking and not the other way round as it was. I did what it told me to do.
    On the lows I didn't feel like I was going much faster than walking. In fact I feel like I was a granny in a power walking class and the only thing that was missing was the dumbells in my hands. All I kept thinking was at least I am here giving it a go.
    The other big low was my shins hurt and my ankles, my right one in particular. I couldn't decide if it was cramp or a strain, it was worse when I was jogging. It is the muscle on top that joins the ankle to the foot. I stuggled with it. It is fine now that I'm home, well I still know that I have hurt it but nothing to worry about it. I had a banana when I got in, to see if that helps.
    I do stretch before I run. I walk for 3 mins then stretch. Maybe I am not stretching enough.
    oh well I will solider on.
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to Rickydeskins in dear god lol   
    Just did w1d3. Starting week 2 Monday. Also stated a lifting routine to go along with running. Feeling great so far. Staying strong
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to CrashLN in Catch me if you can: my journey   
    Repeated wk5 day 1 the whole week. Not that I thought I couldn't progress, but because my shins started to hurt, so I didn't want to push harder until that was under control. Lots of stretching, seems to be ok now. Did 3 mi/35 min each day.
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to Weaklegs in Advice needed!!   
    Thanks guys! I'll repeat week 3 then starting tomorrow. Onwards and upwards! Yes, I have been clock watching, but I'm trying really hard to stop
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to carebear3 in Newbie   
    A friend told me about this app. So here goes to day 1.
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to Timb113 in nervous of running 10k   
    R&S, don't be nervous. If you can run a 5K (no matter the speed) you are very close to being able to knock out the 10K. I would suggest that you start on week 9, and see how it goes, if you feel like backing up a week or two to feel comfortable, that's fine, as well. I wouldn't worry about getting in just two runs per week, you'll still gain the benefits if you keep on a scheduled. I think you'll be good advancing each week every nine days (or whatever your schedule allows). You may not complete the 10K program before the end of March, but you'll be close, and when you get to race day, you'll be surprised how ready your body is to make it the entire distance.
    I breath through my mouth almost exclusively when I run. I've always felt like I can't not get a deep enough breathe and don't get enough oxygen when I breath through my nose.
    Best of luck, keep us updated on your progress.
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to AgentP in Say it, do it...hopefully   
    Yes Azatol - I did run further. I'm stoked and feel good too. Bring on next week
    Thanks Shannon and Trish - been on a high all day!
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to spage in Oh man that was bad.....   
    I hope it will catch me. Until then I will just keep going.
    Thanks everyone
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to Azatol in Just Finished week 1!   
    Just take it slow and easy and be patient! If you want to drop the weight, diet is 80% of the game. Running is just the icing on the cake. Some of us prefer the Paleo diet. It's as fast way to improve all of your numbers.
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon reacted to amyg in Just Finished week 1!   
    Hi everyone! I just finished day3 of week1. My friend and I started the 5K app on Monday. It's been a LONG time since I've done any exercising and I'm very overweight. My husband has been a huge inspiration for me. He quit smoking last year and has recently lost 60lbs running on the treadmill! We have 3 kids and it's hard to make time. So you guys have any suggestions as to how you get your workout in and how do I keep from killing myself???? There's a lot of weight on these 2 feet!
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon got a reaction from Finn in Started this Week. Day 4. 137 kilos But goal is for 80-90 Kilos by 50 (49 this year)   
    Good Morning Finn!
    Warmest of Greetings and welcome to Zenlabs forums - a space filled with incredibly supportive individuals on similar life paths - making choices that strengthen our mind and body - emotionally, physically and mentally/spiritually!   
    I am so very sorry for the loss of your mother - sounds as if she has impacted your life in many, many ways and still is today. What a blessing. <3
    I laughed after reading, "I know anyone reading this in their 50's or in their 60's are probably thinking, get a hold of yourself crazy person."  I immediately thought, "she was/IS (I'm) crazy for not!" and "Good for her!! We are now SANE for getting out there and DOING IT! <it=choosing to get fit>      
    Agent is right!  50 (or above) won't recognize us! LOL
    Please keep us posted on your progress! And if are seeking a fun way to remain self/other-accountable, you started off in the PERFECT forum: Accountability 2015!  
    Can't wait to hear more from you!!!  YeeHAW! Cheers!!
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    TheRoseWithin~Shannon got a reaction from Azatol in C25K Journey   
    SUCCESS!! Congrats on your first day IndriSis!   The below anonymous commenter shared her/his thoughts well, I thought,  in regards to pace or speed. I loved, overtime, how she continued to improve her pace! I hope this helps answer your question. I too, am still learning. <3
    "c25k is meant to build endurance up to the point where you can run a 5K without pause. There is zero focus on speed in that program, and that is entirely deliberate, and the usual advice is to ignore speed ENTIRELY while on this program, because that's not what it's for. If you like, it's pretty easy to improve your speed after you can do a 5K though, quite simply by incorporating some runs suited to improving speed. I completed my first 5K in almost 40 minutes about 18 months ago, but in the next 2 months I brought it down to under 30 minutes and by now my PR is 26:51 which I'm happy about."
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