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Advice needed!!


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If it were me, I would repeat the day you couldn't complete until you can!! So if it's week 3 day 3 you're stuck on, do it again, and again, AND AGAIN, until you kick it's butt. Then smile, pat yourself on the back for a victory, and move on.


I'm going to throw out a suggestion but I don't know if it applies.....

Do you watch the clock? Do you know how much longer you need to run before that next walk session? Well don't do it next time. Your brain is messing with you. It's lazy. It knows it only has another minute to run and it's going to try and sabotage you. FOOL IT. Don't look at the time. Just relax, take an easy pace and run. Your brain wont know what to do so it will just run eagerly awaiting the ladies voice.


Let us know how it goes!!

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Yes I would just repeat the day, like Azatol said. Youre more than welcome to repeat the week until you feel comfortable moving on to week four. Being comfortable with advancing is the name of the game. This program is for you and only you.

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