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  1. Timb113

    Week 6 day 2

    Sharon, you do what you can do. Speed is not important, in my opinion. If you're jogging and getting your heart rate up, that's what is important. If you get to running in some races, and aren't happy with a time, you could go back and work through the program again, running faster to try to build up. But if you're running on a treadmill for exercise, the speed is what's comfortable for you to run.
  2. Timb113

    Good leg stretches

    If you stand on the edge of a step with your toes and let your ankles drop down, that will stretch that area. compression socks could help, as well.
  3. Timb113

    My third introduction

    I'm pretty sure this will be my third time introducing myself, but why not. I have started the C25K program a few times, completed it once and run a handful of 5Ks and one 10K. This past summer, to get my boys (8 and 12) more active, we all did a different training together and then ran a 5K at the end. They followed with little interest in running after that, and I dropped off as well. I've found that this program, and some running are the best ways for me to stay active, so after hitting an all-time high weight, I'm back to try to get myself back into the sport and my health in check, as well. I've finished week 1 and I'm looking forward to stepping up to the next challenge. My goal is to be ready for a 5K on New Year's Day, and increase my distances from there, with an ultimate goal of (some day) running a half marathon. Wish me luck!
  4. Timb113

    New to forum

    Welcome and congrats on finishing the C25K program, that's a great accomplishment! I love that you're doing this for you and your health. I have knee issues myself, which came on from running a few years ago, and I'm never really confident on how it will affect me going forward. If you have no interest in running in a 5K "race" no pressure at all, but don't think of it as competing. If you have a formal 5K near you, I would suggest giving one a try. I'm a competitive spirit, so that pushed me to do one, but the community, and the environment is AMAZING! You'll meet some great people and be inspired by all of the individuals you see out there. And when you approach the finish line and random strangers are cheering for you, it will give you a boost like no other! Good luck!
  5. Timb113

    Drive to 55!

    Sarah, great job in continuing, and I love the attitude "I am determined to reach this goal as it will prove to me that I can reach any goal I set my mind to." I have been on and off again with the program, and hoping to be back to running a few 5Ks in 2020, starting on New Year's Day. Best of luck!
  6. Timb113

    Running theraphy for depression

    Suzaku, one of the best things that I found about running is that you realize your body can do so much more than your mind thinks is possible for you. This might be great therapy for you, especially when you get to that point of doubt in yourself and you're able to push through! There will be days that are disappointing, just keep believing that you'll be able to do it, and it will work out. Good luck!
  7. Timb113

    New but Not

    Loren, glad to hear you are overcoming the ankle injury. A few years ago, when I really was using the app a lot I actually built up to a 10k, the first and only one I was able to accomplish. It was an incredible feeling. Unfortunately, I hurt my knee on my last warm-up run for the race. I still did it, but I was out for a few months, and struggled (for the past few years) to trust it and get back to a regular running routine. I'm restarting now, just finished week 1, and I'm aiming for a few 5Ks next year, if I can. I went to school in NC (UNC Charlotte) and lived there for a few years after (now live in MD) what part of the start are you in?
  8. Timb113

    Drive to 55th Bday!

    Sarah, how's it going, have you conquered weeks 4 and 5? I have run a few 5ks. But that was a while ago, and I've regressed, but getting back to it now. Just finished week 1 and I'm looking forward to the journey (again).
  9. Timb113

    RunDisney 9/2020

    This is awesome! You are starting early and you have a goal, two great ways to get started. Can I say, I'm incredibly jealous that you are running Disney. I've run a few 5Ks and one 10k, and I fell way off the wagon. Trying to get back now, just completed week 1 again yesterday. When I was running on a regular basis, my goal is to possibly, one day, maybe, get to a half marathon, and Disney would be the goal. You can do this, just realize it's a process, and your body can do so much more than your mind believes! Good luck.
  10. Timb113

    I'm back

    I'm back for my third run (pun intended) on C25K. I've been successful in the past, but knee injuries and life kept me away. I recently weighed in at the heaviest weight of my life, and I'm not happy with that. I'm getting back to it, hoping to get to a 5K in the next few months and maybe more beyond that. I'm going through the program with my 10-year-old son through week 1, and I hope he'll stick with me as long as he can. I haven't told him about W5D3 yet, I don't think he's going to like that idea.
  11. Timb113

    nervous of running 10k

    R&S, don't be nervous. If you can run a 5K (no matter the speed) you are very close to being able to knock out the 10K. I would suggest that you start on week 9, and see how it goes, if you feel like backing up a week or two to feel comfortable, that's fine, as well. I wouldn't worry about getting in just two runs per week, you'll still gain the benefits if you keep on a scheduled. I think you'll be good advancing each week every nine days (or whatever your schedule allows). You may not complete the 10K program before the end of March, but you'll be close, and when you get to race day, you'll be surprised how ready your body is to make it the entire distance. I breath through my mouth almost exclusively when I run. I've always felt like I can't not get a deep enough breathe and don't get enough oxygen when I breath through my nose. Best of luck, keep us updated on your progress.
  12. Timb113

    Week one day two finished!

    Jlwill, the push to get back out there will continue to get stronger. Running and seeing what your body can do next is an amazing addiction!
  13. Timb113

    Week 3 day 2

    Mike, great job. Keep up the good work. You'll be great on March 14!
  14. Federica, great story to share! We are all so proud of you. Keep up the great work!
  15. Timb113


    Ricky, DEFINITELY TAKE THE REST DAYS!!!!! Let me tell you from experience, it is not worth the pain and frustration! I built up to running a couple of 5Ks and recently completed a 10K. I was at the point where I ran a few training runs at 6 miles. I thought I could do anything. Well, just before the 10K, I decided to get three good workouts (6 miles, 3 miles, and 4 miles) in on consecutive days. Just before the end of the third day, I felt a pain in my knee. It's been three weeks and I've tried to run once, to no avail. Overuse injuries happen too often. You can certainly exercise nearly every day, but make sure you are cross training, (lifting, yoga, walking, cycling) on those others days. Give your body a chance to stay healthy.