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  1. Timb113

    I'm back

    I'm back for my third run (pun intended) on C25K. I've been successful in the past, but knee injuries and life kept me away. I recently weighed in at the heaviest weight of my life, and I'm not happy with that. I'm getting back to it, hoping to get to a 5K in the next few months and maybe more beyond that. I'm going through the program with my 10-year-old son through week 1, and I hope he'll stick with me as long as he can. I haven't told him about W5D3 yet, I don't think he's going to like that idea.
  2. Timb113

    nervous of running 10k

    R&S, don't be nervous. If you can run a 5K (no matter the speed) you are very close to being able to knock out the 10K. I would suggest that you start on week 9, and see how it goes, if you feel like backing up a week or two to feel comfortable, that's fine, as well. I wouldn't worry about getting in just two runs per week, you'll still gain the benefits if you keep on a scheduled. I think you'll be good advancing each week every nine days (or whatever your schedule allows). You may not complete the 10K program before the end of March, but you'll be close, and when you get to race day, you'll be surprised how ready your body is to make it the entire distance. I breath through my mouth almost exclusively when I run. I've always felt like I can't not get a deep enough breathe and don't get enough oxygen when I breath through my nose. Best of luck, keep us updated on your progress.
  3. Timb113

    Week one day two finished!

    Jlwill, the push to get back out there will continue to get stronger. Running and seeing what your body can do next is an amazing addiction!
  4. Timb113

    Week 3 day 2

    Mike, great job. Keep up the good work. You'll be great on March 14!
  5. Federica, great story to share! We are all so proud of you. Keep up the great work!
  6. Timb113


    Ricky, DEFINITELY TAKE THE REST DAYS!!!!! Let me tell you from experience, it is not worth the pain and frustration! I built up to running a couple of 5Ks and recently completed a 10K. I was at the point where I ran a few training runs at 6 miles. I thought I could do anything. Well, just before the 10K, I decided to get three good workouts (6 miles, 3 miles, and 4 miles) in on consecutive days. Just before the end of the third day, I felt a pain in my knee. It's been three weeks and I've tried to run once, to no avail. Overuse injuries happen too often. You can certainly exercise nearly every day, but make sure you are cross training, (lifting, yoga, walking, cycling) on those others days. Give your body a chance to stay healthy.
  7. Timb113

    healed fractured 5th metatarsal pain

    Elle, I am not an expert on shoes (by any means). I'm still working with my first pair of "real" running shoes, and I still bought those because the price was more in the range I was looking for. Don't tell some of my running friends who aren't on this forum, or they'll kill me for allowing price to be a concern! I would try a few things that might help with the pain. Try wrapping one day for your run and see if that helps. The biggest thing I would suggest, if you are often getting swelling later in the day is to ice right after you complete your run, and again later in the day, if necessary. Best of luck!
  8. Timb113

    Am I supposed to hurt this much?

    Donna, sorry to hear about that. What is the recovery time on that? Is there rehab, or just rest. My thoughts are with you. Be strong, you'll be able to get back out there!
  9. Timb113

    Taking the distance up in 2015

    Well, that did not work the way I had hoped. After a 10-day layoff (of stretching, walking and gentle cycling), I tried to run a mile. I made it about half before my knee started acting up from the IT Band. At first, I decided I wanted to push through the moderate pain and finish the mile I set out to complete, but then asked myself if that last half mile of running was worth the extra week that I might have to rest to come back from it. I decided it was not, I listened to my body and walked. I iced and heated later in the day. The troubling thing is that I have to cancel my plans to run the 10-mile race in a few weeks, but that also means I am going to take three weeks off running, work on stretching and the dreaded foam roller to try to get back to where I want to be. I'm already planning for my return, and my next race, which will be a 5K just after Memorial Day, when things will be finally winding down at work. All of your support and encouragement here has been a great help as I've worked through this, and I'll continue to lean on you all as I keep battling back! Thank you!
  10. Timb113

    Red Must Run

    Red, that is awesome, and I love your goals mapped out and including your daughter and friends. Having someone along for the ride is a great way to go. If you haven't seen the Accountability 2015 thread head over there and you can start a thread for your journey. Keep all of us updated as we are all keeping each other accountable!
  11. Timb113

    This body doesn't run...or so I thought!

    cendorly, that is awesome to hear what you've accomplished so far. I'm excited to hear about your accomplishements going forward. I recently completed my first race with a finisher's medal, it was a really great feeling to hang that on the wall!
  12. Timb113

    Newbie Questions

    Understudy, I have not linked the C25K program with MFP, but I have on Facebook. It does not automatically post to FB, at the end of each workout, it asks if you want to share to your page.
  13. Timb113

    Taking the distance up in 2015

    Last (hopefully) rehab walk this morning. took the dog for two miles, with windchills in he upper teens. Certainly not as cold as some parts of the country, but pretty chilly. Good equipment helps, just having a skin-tight layer of UA or Nike under really helps to keep things warm. Taking tomorrow off (maybe a short walk or bike ride), a little stretching, then going to try to run a slow mile on Sunday. Fingers crossed the knee does not flare up, or it'll probably be a trip to the doc.
  14. Timb113

    kick starting

    Pics, great job getting started. And I really like your plan of walking the program once before getting into jogging it. Great idea!
  15. Timb113

    Day 1 of week 1 completed

    Deb, great job and congrats on starting the program. I do the same thing, alarm goes off sometime between 5:30 and 6 a.m., depending on how far I'm running that morning. I feel the same way, by the end of the day, I will not want to get out on the road. I've also found that a good run is a great way to get the day started. I feel like I've accomplished so much before 7 a.m.