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  1. 1. I go to zumba and pilates but not regularly 2. The app would be good 3. To tell me times and types of classes
  2. I agree, keep going even if you just walk parts of it and you can always delete the record and retry. I'm doing the whole program for the second time
  3. stretch before and after to reduce injury risk re food...when you first start its not such a big change but as it gets harder a good basic diet to look at is carbs before exercise to assist with energy and protein after to assist with recovery
  4. I think you can change the metric system on the app
  5. Recovery from surgery is always better when one is fit but do it easily to reduce the risk of injury
  6. day 3 was hills where I remembered I had quads. I'm hoping to do a half marathon in the future so I am trying all types of terrain. Maybe like: Day 1 flat Day 2 sand Day 3 hills ....just a rough idea ...inbetween days I swim and rest
  7. Heather, I'm running the 3 days allocated and doing something else the other days like swimming or strength work
  8. Day 2 I ran on sand...forgot I had calves! Think I might try sand on every third day of the week
  9. i did the whole program about 12 months ago and even built up to 17 ks but I then had some surgery and had to stop so am starting from scratch again!
  10. I accidentally deleted my first days records. Is there any way of retrieving it? Also how do you store your results? Do you double click once you're finished or do you have to press stop then double click?
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