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  1. So found out my brooks are the wrong kind shoe I need lol my ankle is feeling way better but it seemed like my knees got worse just doing Dailey activities like work and chores now they hurt all the time not just running I bought some inserts from a running store and decided to just use them in my shoes I have to get better and just start walking about 5 miles at a time to start out, and try some leg excersises at the gym. Once I get my legs built up I'll go spend 120 bucks on some awesome shoes this running store had me try on. It was like night and day, if the colors weren't so crazy I'd try for two pairs to have a pair to work in.
  2. Well I tried to run again yesterday, after I stretched and warmed up my legs felt good thought I'd actually be able to but as soon as I took of it felt like my knee bones were gonna blow out of my leg couldn't even run. What a disappointment
  3. I think you just open the music app, start the music, go back to c25k and start run and don't even mess with the music menu in the running app
  4. Maybe I'm just starting out to fast, may be I should try to slow my pace, I know this morning my legs are super sore I'm feeling muscles I didn't know existed lol
  5. So I am only on wk1 day2 and probably haven't ran in over 15yrs. My sister runs all the time and has an actual running store near her. She was nice enough to buy me a super nice pair of brooks launch2. After day two I'm sore of course but my knees and ankles hurt too is this normal and will it pass as my legs become more accustomed to the strain or could this be a problem that keeps me from getting into running like I want??
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