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  1. RosyRae

    C25K with Pram

    I repeat days when I'm not able to complete the workout. As the program continues the segments of running are lengthened and it can be super tough to get through them. Just keep it slow and steady!
  2. RosyRae

    Jumping back on the bandwagon

    Glad you are recovered and way to go getting back on track! Never easy but so worth it!
  3. RosyRae

    Not running 10min miles

    I'm doing about a 13 min mile as well. Just keep building up your stamina, I've been extending my workouts so that I cover more distance rather than trying to get my speed up yet
  4. RosyRae

    Lets get this train going.

    Good for you!! We're all in this together!!
  5. RosyRae

    Started this week

    I think it's so great you're doing this! Great job fighting that uphill battle (literally). Terrain like that can be so tough. I mostly run on a treadmill since I'm waiting for the weather to get better, but I did one workout on my road and the hills were a killer. I hated running into the wind too, when I was already started I realized I should have put something on to cover my ears. Keep up the good work! Good idea stretching the program out, I had to retry a day of week 2 twice and got stuck again on week 6. I'm about to start week 7, it's hard but worth it! Try not to be negative while running- tell yourself, I can do it!! Just a little longer!! Don't quit!! Good music definitely helps motivate me too
  6. RosyRae

    Just started!

    Congrats! Keep at it and you will go farther than you imagined!
  7. RosyRae

    Length of a run

    Sounds good to me! I don't remember exactly what my distance was but I think it was less than that at week 3
  8. RosyRae


    Hi Elizabeth! Hope you have a great time! I've never run much before but have just finished 6 weeks of this program and so glad I did
  9. RosyRae

    Wish me luck!!!

    Congrats!! Hope you have a good journey with this app, it's very rewarding!
  10. RosyRae

    Just downloaded the app!

    That's great! I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep on track but I've made it through 6 weeks; you can do it!
  11. RosyRae

    Going into week 7

    Hi, I'm new on the forums, but have completed 6 weeks of the program. I've been reading some of these messages and the community on here is great! I'm feeling burnt out, after a good end to week 5 I slowly got through week 6, I'm disappointed because I've been having to run slower to get through the workouts, and I feel tired and less motivated to run. I ran yesterday and my calves feel pretty tight today. I'm hoping this is just a hump that I will get over? I'm signed up for my first 5k on May 15th and hoping I will be ready!!